Why Your Par Level for Hotel Bed Sheets Matters

par-levels-hotel-bed-sheets.jpgIt may sound melodramatic, but it’s true: If you don’t have the recommended par level for hotel bed sheets, you’re one unexpected event away from disaster.

Power outages, storms that unexpectedly strand visitors in town for extra time, high-season groups that pack their rooms with people are all situations that make it worthwhile not to skimp on your hotel linen inventory.

As part of protecting your hotel linen inventory, let’s take a look at the recommended par level for hotel bed sheets and why it matters so much.

Maintain the Recommended Par Level

Those of you who have been skating by with fewer pars – or worse, who don’t know how many pars you currently have – this may come as a shock: The recommended number for par levels is four.

That means:

  • One in use in the guest room
  • One in climate-controlled storage to be used next in the room
  • One dirty that just came out of a guest room
  • One being laundered 

Your Sheets Need a Nap

Luxury hotel bedding needs time to rest between uses and washes. You’ll lengthen the life of your linens and reduce wear and tear if you have enough pars to allow for that break.

Pars Provide Built-in Backup

If your commercial laundry equipment goes offline for any reason or you have an unexpected rush, you’ll be able to keep up with the demand if you always have a set of hotel sheets at the ready.

If you outsource to a large-scale laundry vendor, they’ll have their own backup plans in place in case of severe weather or some other emergency. It’s still a good idea to be prepared to put less strain on the whole system.

Better Safe than Sorry

Even if you’ve prepared your property for all manner of emergencies, your plans and backup plans won’t mean much if you don’t have the right par level for hotel sheets. The investment in the right amount of linens is well worth it in the short and long terms. For more information, check out our post Laundry Service Guide to Selecting, Saving and Replacing Hotel Sheets