What’s Included in Your Hotel Laundry Service Cost?

whats-included-in-hotel-laundry-service-cost.jpgFor the most part, your hotel laundry service cost should be an all-inclusive number that covers all aspects of the commercial laundry service process.

At the right hotel laundry service, you should expect no surprises and a transparent price structure.

If you’re considering making the switch from on property laundry to outsourcing or if you’re shopping around for a new partner, here are some details on what’s included in your hotel laundry service cost.

Pickup and Delivery

 The transporting of your clean and dirty linens back and forth between your property and the laundry plant should be included in your hotel laundry service cost.

If you’re comparing two services and one’s quote seems suspiciously low, check to make sure that it includes delivery.


Same goes with sorting linens once they arrive onsite at the plant – it’s a part of the process that should be included and not charged separately.

As an aside: You’d be surprised what kinds of items get recovered while sorting laundry for hotels.

Weight of Clean Linens, Not Dirty 

Your hotel laundry service cost should include charges for the weight of your clean linens, not dirty.

Sopping wet towels, luxury hotel sheets with glassware entangled in them and other factors make dirty laundry weigh more, and the right provider will take that into account by charging for the clean finished product.


Speaking of weighing, your provider should provide scales so that you can track linens as they leave the property and once they return.

They’ll be weighing on their end, too, and it’s a good practice to make sure the numbers consistently match and make sense.

Awesome Customer Service

It won’t be in the fine print, but: Your hotel laundry service cost should come with awesome customer service. Attentive and responsive staff and reps should be part of the package.

One Bill for Everything

One of the benefits of switching to a hotel laundry service is consolidating your laundry-related expenses into one easy-to-understand bill.

Before you switch your service or transition from having a linen and laundry service in hotel, do your homework about what the costs truly mean.