What to Look for in Commercial Laundry Equipment

what-to-look-for-commercial-laundry-equipment.jpgOnce you know what to look for, shopping for commercial laundry equipment for your property doesn’t have to be a chore. By keeping the needs of your guests, staff and environmental impact in mind, you’ll be able to prioritize the features of your ideal commercial laundry equipment and make purchasing a snap.

 Here are some ideas of what to look for in commercial laundry equipment:

 Equipment That’s Specialized for the Hospitality Industry

You know better than anyone – the hospitality industry is unique, and so is your property. You need commercial laundry machines that will effectively clean, dry and process the different kinds of linens used by your property, from bath mats to the napkins and tablecloths provided at weddings and other special events.

Look for commercial laundry equipment from brands and manufacturers that build with hospitality in mind. When comparison shopping, ask for case studies or user stories about how the machines have been successfully used by other hospitality properties, especially those around the same size as yours.  

 Eco-Friendly Features for Your Carbon Footprint…

Eco-friendly commercial laundry equipment will not only save electricity, water and other natural resources, it will save you money in lower utility and labor costs. There are a host of energy efficiency options available on today’s high-tech machines, from washing machines that need drastically less water than you probably use today, to dryers with moisture-detection technology and automatically stop to avoid over drying.

Environmental considerations are a must for any new machines. If you haven’t already, start benchmarking your laundry-related utility costs so that you can track how much your new machines save you in both the short and long term.

…And Appropriate Sizing for Your Property Footprint

Having commercial laundry equipment on premise has its pros and cons, and it’s no small undertaking – literally. It’s taking up valuable space on your property, making it even more important that you use that space wisely.

When you’re sourcing new machines, look for equipment that does more  but takes up less space or that allows you to grow your capacity as needed over time without having to substantially expand the space needed.

A Holistic Solution

Commercial laundry equipment manufacturers know that a solution that takes care of the entire laundry lifecycle from start to finish is the most attractive.

Once you’ve settled on an eco-friendly brand or dealer that you like, ask to see all of the options they have available, from washers to dryers to ironers.  Chances are, all of their equipment has some energy efficiency features that set them apart and make them a great fit for your property.

Intuitive Design for Easy Staff Training

Remember that your housekeeping staff will be using your new commercial laundry equipment every day, and your facilities staff will be monitoring its performance and maintenance.

To make training new staff smoother, look for machines with clear, easy-to-follow instructions and controls.

Does It Make Sense to Outsource?

As you’re benchmarking energy costs, plotting out square footage and projecting future demand at your property, you may decide it’s a better investment to leave your commercial laundry to the professionals.

Commercial linen services have already done the hard work of finding the most energy efficient machines, measuring capacity and planning for the future. With 24-hour turnarounds and 365-day pickup and delivery, professional laundry partners are hard to beat in terms of convenience. Outsourcing some or all of your laundry service will also free up floor space and staff time.

 There are a lot of factors at play when considering what to look for in commercial laundry equipment, but it will help to start with your desired end in mind: guests who are thrilled with the quality of your linens, staff whose time is being used efficiently and lower energy costs for your property.