What is Tunnel Washer Technology?

tunnel-washer-technology.jpgFor a large-scale, eco-friendly commercial laundry service, tunnel washer technology is a game changer. Tunnel washers launder using less water, less energy and fewer resources than conventional machines.

That’s great, you may be thinking, but what is it?

Here’s a quick overview of what tunnel washer technology is and why so many commercial linen services sing its praises.

What Is It?

 Tunnel washers, as their name suggests, have a long metal tunnel that’s used to launder linens. A massive metal spiral sits in the center of the tunnel and helps push soiled linens from one end and clean water from the other, meaning materials become cleaner the further along they move in the process.

Tunnel washers like the kind made by Jensen have 14 chambers that each serve a different cleaning function. Jensen washers use an internal water reclaim system to save water and energy.

The machines are engineered for large quantities of materials, up to 265 pounds per load, and they can process more than one load at a time. At the end of each load’s cycle, a compressor extracts all of the extra water before linens are transported to be dried.

Why Is It Beneficial?  

The large capacity, along with the use of four times less water than conventional hotel laundry equipment, make tunnel washer technology ideal for hotel laundry service use.

The technology is also highly effective at soil removal, drastically reducing ragout, or the amount of unusable linen at the end of the laundry cycle.

What is Your Laundry Vendor Using?

Due to their size and expense, tunnel washers are generally found in commercial laundry services and aren’t intended for use as hotel laundry equipment.

But that doesn’t mean your property can’t take advantage of all they have to offer: You’ll just need to partner with a commercial laundry service that uses tunnel washer technology.

If you’re looking to shut down your on property laundry or if you already outsource, ask current or potential vendors about tunnel washers.