Turn Your Hospitality Training Program Green

turn-your-hospitality-training-program-green.jpgSo much of your property’s success relies on a strong hospitality training program, and that includes your efforts to be environmentally friendly.

Staff, along with guests, will implement your eco-friendly strategies, so it’s important that they’re clear on both what you need them to do and why.

Here are some tips to turn your hospitality training green or to step up your current efforts.

Make Your Laundry Opt-Out Program Count

Programs that allow or encourage guests to forego having their sheets and towels replaced every day are the most common eco-friendly hotel effort.

Having guests opt in or out of laundry service is the first step, but to make the program successful, it’s up to housekeeping staff to play their part by heeding guests’ wishes. Make sure your hospitality training includes details about the linen program so housekeeping staff know what to do when they see towels on a hook vs. the floor or an opt-out card on the bed.

Build Eco-Friendly Efforts into Your Hotel Housekeeping Checklist

A comprehensive hotel housekeeping checklist is one of the best training tools you can have, and it’s essential that it covers every base imaginable, including how to green up a room while it’s being turned.

As part of your hotel cleaning routine, have housekeeping staff take energy-saving steps such as shutting off lights and closing blinds.

You should also make sure staff have enough environmentally friendly hotel cleaning supplies, from cleansers to recycled rags.

Put It In Writing

Once you’ve done an eco-friendly overhaul of your housekeeping routine and training, ensure that it’s adequately captured in your hospitality training manual.

Your manual will be an ongoing resource, particularly for new staff, and it should be updated to include any changes or shifts in focus.

Look for Ways to Start Today

You won’t be able to turn your hospitality training green overnight, so consider the changes part of your property’s ever-evolving strategy to be more eco-friendly. That said, there are moves you can make today toward your goal.