Training Tips for Transitioning to a Hotel Linen Laundry Service

CLFTM-3204-488452-edited.jpgWorking with a large-scale hotel linen laundry service is a partnership, and for both sides, your success is tied to housekeeping training. 

It’s your job to prepare staff with a customer-focused hospitality training manual and hotel housekeeping checklist, and it’s on your laundry provider to keep your team prepared for the ins and outs of outsourcing.

With that partnership in mind, here are some training tips for transitioning to a hotel linen laundry service.

Onboarding for Outsourcing

Remember: You aren’t in this alone. Once you make the savvy switch from on property laundry to a hotel linen laundry service, your provider should set up times for training to onboard your team.

Each provider has their own approaches to sorting, weighing, pickup and delivery, and representatives should go over their processes both at the beginning of your contract and periodically as a refresher.

If your provider doesn’t offer onboarding or if it’s been a while since your team had a training with them, reach out and see what options you have.

Another Set of Eyes

When preparing your team for outsourcing, gently remind them that having an outside vendor means another set of eyes on the condition of your hotel linen supply.

Outsourcing may uncover, for instance, that your par level management has fallen behind and that your luxury hotel bedding supply is low.

Or the provider may discover other issues that you can address through your training in housekeeping, such as when to send items to the rag pile.

So Long, Laundry

Shutting down your on property laundry opens exciting possibilities for new uses for the space that once held your commercial laundry equipment and for some existing housekeeping staff.

Transitioning to a hotel linen laundry service can mean training those folks for new roles in your expanded spa, your new gift shop or refurbished reception area.