Top 7 Reasons the Hotel Laundry Service Price is Right

hotel-laundry-service-price-is-right.jpgPartnering with a hotel laundry service can be one of the most cost-effective moves your property makes: You’ll not only save money, you’ll save staff time, resources, space and, with a nod to Mother Nature, on your environmental impact.

It isn’t uncommon for properties to underestimate the true cost of their on property laundry and dismiss the possibility of outsourcing as too expensive. There are so many variables to consider with laundry that it’s easy to overlook some, even ones that are costing the most money.

If you’re considering a property renovation, if you’ve outgrown your current laundry operation or if you’re just looking over your laundry options, here are the top 7 reasons the commercial laundry service price is right.

Equipment is Expensive

Having on property laundry is an equipment-heavy undertaking that requires considerable upfront and ongoing costs. You need heavy duty commercial laundry machines and a steady supply of detergent that will do the job. Add to that the fact that your equipment will depreciate in value every year, and the overall cost to the property adds up.

Outsourcing means you don’t have to invest in laundry equipment and can focus on what your property does best – delighting guests.

Equipment Has to Be Maintained

To keep commercial laundry machines running smoothly takes proper maintenance, and that takes time and money you could be spending elsewhere.

Outsourcing takes both the cost of the equipment and the cost of training staff or paying for repairs off of your hands.

Utility Costs Are Increasing

Once you have the right equipment in place, you have to keep it running efficiently, which takes water, electricity and natural gas. If your property hasn’t done laundry-specific cost benchmarking, it can be difficult to know exactly how much your on property laundry costs to operate. 

Greener for Less Green

The right commercial laundry service will have initiatives in place to ensure its operations are environment-focused and as energy efficient as possible. Its footprint will be big enough for the most modern laundry machines that use less water, gas and electricity.

Keep in mind: It’s in a large laundry service’s best financial interests to invest in technology such as tunnel washers and internal recycling systems that increase efficiency and keeps costs low.  

Longer Linen Life

A commercial laundry service is in the business of not only cleaning your linens but protecting them. The same high-tech machines that use less water are also easier on your high-end linens.  A service that’s committed to the environment will also use eco-friendly detergent that’s tough on stains but mild on your textiles.

You Can Pay As You Go

With an on property laundry, your equipment, labor and utility costs exist whether your rooms are occupied or not.

A laundry service offers the opportunity to “pay as you go.” You’ll pay only for occupied rooms, meaning the cost going out better matches the revenue coming in.

Set Your Floor Space Free

Take a look at the amount of floor space being taken up by your commercial laundry equipment, and imagine what else you could do with that valuable real estate: a spa or sauna, meeting rooms for business guests or specialized common areas for Millennial travelers.

Outsourcing your laundry operation will set that space free and convert it from a cost center to a profit center.

When you’re looking at the price of outsourcing with a commercial laundry service, it’s important to consider not just what they’re charging but what your current situation is costing you overall. Properties that convert to a laundry provider experience across-the-board savings that it’s hard to match.