Three Laundry Tips to Improve Guest Satisfaction in Hotels

guest-satisfaction-in-hotels.jpgWait, laundry tips to improve guest satisfaction in hotels? Are you claiming that hospitality properties can make their guests happier with…laundry?

Yes, yes, we are.

Guests have come to you for an exceptional experience, and that includes a good night’s sleep and the sense of being pampered by your luxury hotel linens. One off note can throw off their entire perception of your property.

To keep that from happening, here are three laundry tips to improve guest satisfaction in hotels.

Gauge How Guests Feel About Your Linens

Before you can improve guest satisfaction in hotels, you need a good sense of where satisfaction levels are to start. If your post-stay guest survey doesn’t include specific questions about the quality of your bedding and other linens, add a few.

Sample survey questions include:

  • Overall, how satisfied are you with the hotel, resort or timeshare property’s bedding?
  • Overall, how satisfied are you with the towels?
  • Overall, how satisfied are you with the table linens, robes, etc.?

Have guests rank their satisfaction in a scale of 1-5, with 5 being “Extremely Satisfied,” and 1 being “Extremely Unsatisfied.” Then include follow-up questions based on their ranking, asking specifically about comfort, cleanliness, absorbency, etc.

Once you have good guest data, your housekeeping, laundry room and management staff can make informed decisions about what, if any, changes to make in terms of new linens, hotel cleaning products or new laundry processes. You can also use the feedback in your hotel customer service training.

Treat Every Day Like High Season

As anyone in hospitality knows, you’re always one outbreak of severe weather or one unexpected event away from having more guests than you anticipated. Part of treating every day like high season means always having enough pars on hand to handle an emergency.

Properties are always surprised to hear this, but the recommended number of pars is four:

  • One in the guest room being used
  • One in climate-controlled storage ready to be used next
  • One being removed from a guest room to be taken to your on property laundry or commercial laundry service
  • One in the laundry being cleaned

Having enough pars gives your hardworking linens time to rest between uses, lengthening their lifecycles and maximizing your investment in them. Good par level management is one of the hotel housekeeping tips worth its weight in luxury hotel bedding.

Discover the Benefits of Outsourcing

For OPL hotels, or hotels with on property laundry, the thought of shutting down your laundry operation can seem daunting. But there are benefits to turning over your laundry to professionals, and improving guest satisfaction in hotels can be one of them.

The right commercial laundry service will have high-tech, energy efficient equipment designed to bring out the best in your linens and help them last longer. Guests will get the pampering they’re after with professionally laundered bedding, towels and robes.

Properties that choose outsourcing also save:

  • Money: Commercial laundry services can handle more linens for less, and they pass those savings on to their hospitality clients.
  • Time: With outsourcing, properties no longer need to dedicate as much staff time to laundry.
  • Resources: Imagine commercial machines with tunnel washer technology that can handle ultra high-capacity loads using four times less water than conventional washers.
  • Space: Goodbye laundry room and bulky commercial laundry equipment, hello spa. Or coffee shop, gift shop, office space…the possibilities are endless.

Dream Big

For OPL hotels, gauging guests’ perceptions of your linens, good par level management and considering outsourcing are just three ways to make your dreams of guest satisfaction in hotels a reality. And you’ll have guests dreaming about their next stay with you.