Steps to Strengthen Your Training in Housekeeping

strengthen-training-in-housekeeping.jpgYour training in housekeeping is already good: The staff you’ve carefully chosen feel well prepared, your turnover is blissfully low and guests are impressed with your property’s service. 

Still, there’s always room for improvement, even when it comes to your housekeeping training, and there are opportunities to elevate the experience for staff, and by extension, for guests.

To get you thinking, here are several steps to strengthen your training in housekeeping.

Update Your Hospitality Training Manual 

If the insights and examples in your hospitality training manual are gathering dust – i.e., the guests in the photos are sporting bell bottoms – it’s time for a refresh.

Even if you’ve recently made changes, consider ways to focus on customer service and a customer-centric approach to every action that staff take.

Aim for The Stars with Your Checklist

Part of taking a customer-centric approach means explaining not just the how but the why of each activity, and your hotel housekeeping checklist is a great place to start.

As staff are being trained on how to turn a room using the checklist, make sure to have trainers explain the reasons for your rules and the consequences of cutting corners.

Train to Protect Your Linens

To maximize the investment you’ve made in your luxury hotel bedding and other parts of your hotel linen supply, you need to train staff on the proper care and maintenance.

And you’ve got to make sure your par level management is up to par by having enough linens on hand at all times. The recommended number of pars is four: One in use + one in storage + one being removed from a guest room + one in the laundry.

Prepare For Partnering With A Commercial Laundry Service

If you’re considering outsourcing your laundry, if you’re switching to a new provider or if it’s just been a while since you had a training with your hotel linen laundry service, schedule a session for your staff.

Keeping the conversation going between your laundry provider and staff will help to keep operations running smoothly and surface any issues before they become problems.

Strong Training for a Solid Foundation

Your training in housekeeping is likely staff members’ first interaction with you, so it’s important to not only make a good first impression but to build a solid foundation to build upon as the person’s career with you progresses.

Stronger training equals stronger staff and stronger guest satisfaction.