Send Your Hotel Customer Service Training to the Laundry

iStock-531090305-305722-edited.jpgFor years in the industry it made sense to only provide hotel customer service training to customer-facing staff.

But competition both within the traditional hospitality industry and from new-on-the-scene disruptors has made guest satisfaction in hotels a crucial differentiator for properties big and small.

To create uniquely exceptional guest experiences, everyone in your hotel operations has to be on board, meaning it’s time to send your hotel customer service training to the laundry – and beyond.

Start with Special Sessions

If you aren’t already offering hotel customer service training to all staff – including housekeeping, laundry and maintenance – start with sessions specifically designed for them.

While they can and should get the same training you give reception desk staff and other front of the house workers, they should also get information that explains how their actions directly affect guest experiences.

For laundry room staff at OPL hotels, for instance, give real world examples of how their care for your linens has an impact on guest reviews or customer feedback surveys. Share with them the rants, as well as the raves, about the quality of your luxury hotel bedding and towels.

Upgrade Your Onboarding

Once you train current staff and get their feedback, it’s time to add the specialized training to your employee orientation.

Introducing your customer service philosophy to all staff before they begin working for you will set the right tone early and head off problems later.

Keep the Conversation Going

Remember that hotel customer service training offers the chance for conversations of sorts between you, your guests and your staff.

Feedback you get from guests should be relayed to your staff during training and beyond, and staff suggestions for improving the guest experience should make their way into your hotel operations.

Training sessions can also be the place where staff trade information with each other, including hotel housekeeping tips or input on how well your hotel cleaning products are working.