Save Time with a Stellar Hotel Housekeeping Checklist

stellar-hotel-housekeeping-checklist.jpgDuring the high season and other busy parts of the year, it can feel as if time isn’t on your side, but tools like a stellar hotel housekeeping checklist can help your property turn the tide.

A comprehensive checklist streamlines the room cleaning process for your housekeeping staff, takes the guesswork out of how to approach each room and provides management with an efficient way to spot-check and address any issues.

Here’s a quick rundown of how to save time with a stellar hotel housekeeping checklist. 

Streamline the Process

Your hotel housekeeping checklist is an important part of your hospitality training manual and should be as detailed and easy-to-follow as possible.

Including illustrations of guest room layouts and work flows of what tasks to do when gives even the newest staff members a clear path for turning rooms thoroughly and efficiently. 

Having a checklist to refer back to reinforces the training in housekeeping you provide and serves as a quick reference guide for staff who may have questions along the way. 

Don’t Forget the Why

Properties known for their great customer service can attest that better housekeeping training can lead to better guest satisfaction.

Training is your opportunity to impart your property’s unique approach to customer service and to remind staff that everything they do impacts the guest experience, even if they don’t often interact directly with guests. 

When crafting your training manual and checklist, include not just the tasks but the why – why what staff does matters to your property and your guests, from caring for your luxury hotel bedding to properly storing your hotel linen supply.

In case performance issues do arise, having your customer service expectations spelled out gives management something documented to refer back to, saving time. 

 Save Time Without Cutting Corners

A strong hotel housekeeping checklist can cut down on the time it takes to train new staff before they start and the time it takes for them to do their jobs well after they begin. And since the adage is true that time is money, investing in your hospitality training program can save you both.