Save Money with Energy Efficient Commercial Dryers for Hotels

commercial-dryers-for-hotels.jpgThe right energy efficient commercial dryers for hotels, coupled with other high-quality commercial laundry equipment, can save properties hundreds of hours of work time and thousands of dollars every year.   

If you’re looking for how to reduce hotel laundry costs, replacing or upgrading your washers, dryers and folders can be money well spent.

Since washers typically get all of the attention, let’s shine the spotlight on how to save money with energy efficient commercial dryers for hotels.

Less Money, Less Time, Less Energy

For hotels with on property laundry, or OPL hotels, the laundry operation accounts for a good chunk of the money spent and energy expended by the entire property. If you’ve never calculated your laundry costs separately, you may be surprised by the overall impact.

It’s worthwhile to find commercial laundry equipment for hotels that’s engineered with conservation in mind. Fortunately, commercial equipment is available today with a range of eco-friendly features.

You’ll make the most of your investment in energy efficient dryers if you pair them with equally efficient washers. For washers, look for features such as:

  • Less water needed: Modern commercial machines have technology that allows them to handle large quantities using less water.
  • High-powered water extractors: More moisture is removed from linens before they’re ready for the dryer, shortening the drying time needed.

For dryers, features to keep an eye out for include:

  • Dryness sensor technology: The machines can tell when linens have reached the desired dryness and automatically stop to prevent overdrying.
  • Less drying time required: Thanks to washers that have extracted more moisture, dryers don’t need as much time to do their jobs. That means it will take your housekeeping staff less time to handle each load, time saved that will add up over the year.

High-tech machines also have intuitive digital displays and easy-to-use controls, which can also reduce the time it takes to train housekeeping staff on how to use them.

Hotel Linen Protection 

If you’ve recently had or are considering a refresh of your hotel linen supply, you might also consider whether your existing laundry equipment can keep up with the new demands.

Different blends and grades of linens require different treatment to successfully reach the end of their lifecycles, and you may discover that your old machines aren’t up to the task of gently but efficiently cleaning your new sheets, towels and robes.

Energy efficient dryers are built to be gentler on linens, and they’re more likely to be equipped to handle newer blends and trends in linens.

Consider a Commercial Laundry Service

If upcoming repairs or maintenance have you shopping for new commercial dryers for hotels or other equipment, it’s also a good time to consider getting out of the laundry business once and for all.

While having energy efficient equipment will help your overall bottom line, you likely won’t be able to beat or even match the savings of shutting down your OPL and switching to an eco-friendly commercial laundry service.

Well-run hotel laundry providers are in the business of doing more for less and passing those savings on to their clients. Their top-of-the-line, high-quantity machines use even less water, time and energy than the commercial equipment at your property. 

Switching to a laundry service offers peace of mind that professionals are handling things, and it frees up the time you’re currently spending worrying about your laundry operation.

High (Efficiency) and Dry

Commercial dryers for hotels that are built to conserve time, energy and money can be an integral part of a property’s cost savings strategy. Though it’s important to keep open the possibility of reaping the financial benefits of leaving the laundry business behind.