Questions to Ask the Hotel Sheets Supplier Before You Buy

questions-to-ask-hotel-linen-supplier-before-you-buy.jpgBuying or upgrading your supply of hotel sheets doesn’t have to be a headache: If you’re equipped with the right questions to ask, you’ll be able to make an informed decision about products that delight your guests and make you a superhero of restful sleep. 

It’s an important enough decision that it’s worth researching, even though it’s tempting to stick what you’ve always had or to go with the first linen representative who comes your way.

To save you some time, here are questions to ask the hotel sheets supplier before you buy.

 How Durable Are These Sheets – Really?

High thread count cotton sheets have such a strong a reputation for softness and luxury hotel bedding that you may be swayed by how good they look and feel. Before you buy, though, ask for durability data about their expected lifespan and how susceptible they are to normal wear and tear.

Make sure to ask the linen reps about each products’ susceptibility to damage and whether a cotton/polyester blend may be a better option.

What Other Properties Trust These Sheets?

Ask your rep if comparable properties are currently using the same products and whether they’re happy with them. Also ask about the date the last sale was made. If sheets were flying off the shelves a while ago but sales have stopped, that’s a potential red flag that they ran into performance problems.

It’s also worth asking around yourself to gather your own intel.

Will You Talk to My Laundry Vendor, Too?

If you’re one of the wise properties that outsources your laundry, you’ll want to involve your vendor in the decision-making process for your hotel linen supply. They have a breadth of expertise involving your property, their laundry equipment and what hotel sheets hold up over time.

Ask your linen rep to include your vendor in your conversations.

Just as you want your guests to be happy with their stay with you, your hotel sheets supplier wants you to be happy with your purchase. The right supplier will answer your questions and even encourage more.