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We are the leading commercial laundry service for hospitality in Florida and Atlanta, serving the best-known hotels, resorts and spas. 


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By outsourcing the laundry services, hotels can focus on their core business, while reducing costs, freeing scarce floor space and avoiding the large capital investment needed to build modern laundries capable of handling new and sophisticated linens and fabrics.


Crown Linen's clients improve efficiencies, streamline operations, and save in everything from supplies to utilities.


Replace your current fixed-cost operating structure with a variable cost model, paying for laundry services for ONLY occupied rooms, providing budget control and profitability.


Free up laundry space to create profit centers by adding or expanding spas, conference rooms, restaurants and retail areas.


Luxury linen require specialized laundry equipments demanding investment and maintenance costs that do not add value to Hotel's core business.

outsourcing has numerous benefits


Once you have made the transition to a hotel laundry service, it is best practice to take additional steps to ensure you’re providing guests the best and cleanest linens possible and that there are enough of them

Invest in the right kinds and amounts of linens. Hospitality Lawyer advises that next to personnel, linen costs are the highest expense in the housekeeping department, and thus careful policies are needed to control the hotel’s inventory. This involves establishing the proper par number of linens. One par of linens equals the total number of each type of linen needed to outfit all guest rooms one time.

The recommended par number is four: one clean in the guestroom, one dirty leaving the room, one in storage, and one on its way to be laundered.

In addition, while commercial equipment is generally gentler on linens, it does involve high temperatures, and not every kind of linen can take the heat. If you’re in a situation to purchase new linens, it is best practice to select brands and blends that are recommended by your vendor to withstand the rigors of hotel laundry services.

Review your bill. Go over your bill regularly and make sure it makes sense. You should see somewhat stable costs based on the weight of your linens. If a bill seems large, it may be because the vendor is not returning damaged or soiled items. Getting everything back, and in a separate bag for damaged items, can help you keep track of costs.

In addition, if your invoice includes charges you don’t recognize or understand, confirm you’re not being extra for things like sorting, delivery or fees.

Make regular visits. Finally, do not just set up the outsourcing relationship and walk away. Stay in touch with our housekeeping and maintenance staff and be aware of any potential problems. Visit the laundry facility to make sure things continue to be performed based on your contract and expectations.


What are the hidden costs of your in-house laundry?

Chances are your in-house laundry service is costing your property more than you realize. You may have a general idea of what it all takes but not the full picture.

You can use the Crown Linen calculator to take a deeper look into your direct costs, indirect costs, as well as depreciation.

Direct costs: Labor, supplies and utilities (gas, electricity, water and sewer). 

Indirect costs:  Maintenance and administrative costs. 

Depreciation: The loss in value of your equipment and  building. 

Gather your numbers and fill in the calculator to the right to find our your cost of doing hotel laundry on premises.