Note to OPL Hotels: Are You Doing Enough to Reclaim Stained Linens?

iStock-509441877-822577-edited.jpgFor OPL hotels, or hotels with on property laundry, the power of a good stained linen reclaim program can’t be exaggerated.

Having a trusted system in place for identifying, segregating and specially treating stained linen saves it from an early trip to the rag pile and maximizes the investment you’ve made in your luxury hotel sheets and towels.

For hotels working with the right commercial laundry service, we’re sure they’ve got this covered. So, not to single you out OPL hotels, but are you doing enough to reclaim stained linens?

Catch Stains Early

One of the best hotel housekeeping tips for OPL hotels to lengthen the life of your linens is to make sure staff are trained to spot stubborn stains before they leave the guest room.

Stained linens should be separated from the rest of the piles heading down the laundry chute so they can be specially treated.

If linens that require special attention do make it to the laundry room, staff there should also be prepared to set it aside.

An efficient backup system that ensures nothing gets past your staff is one reason to make linen laundry a seamless part of hotel operations and to have comprehensive hotel customer service training.

Have the Right Chemistry

Once the separated stained linen reaches the laundry room, it should be treated with an aggressive wash that’s tough on the stain but as gentle as possible on your linens.

When it comes to formulating that wash, look for hotel cleaning products that are also gentle on the environment. Check the labels for whether they’re 100 percent biodegradable and free of harsh toxins.

So Long, Stains

It should be noted that not all linens can be saved, and not all stains can be removed. But with a good stained linen reclaim program, OPL hotels can salvage those that just need a little extra attention to restore them to being room-ready.