Must-Have Features for Green Commercial Laundry Equipment

Must-Have Features for Green Commercial Laundry Equipment.jpgMaybe we’ve been watching too many movies, but from our perspective, green commercial laundry equipment is the hospitality industry’s biggest eco-friendly superhero.

The right equipment saves water, energy, waste, resources and tens of thousands of dollars per year per property the world over. And even small adjustments in functionality and programming can make a big difference over the lifespan of the machines.

With the idea in mind that not all super heroes wear capes – some have tunnel washer technology – here are must-have features for green commercial laundry equipment.

Hardworking Washers

Washers account for one of the biggest resource and energy expenditures in hotel laundry. It takes water to run them, energy to heat the water and wastewater systems to deal with the output. And that doesn’t include the process required to dry the luxury hotel bedding, bath linens and pool towels they clean.

All of that makes energy efficient washers the not-so-secret weapon in green commercial laundry equipment.

The most important feature is: tunnel washer technology.

Machines built with tunnel washer technology are engineered to handle large quantities of linens using four times less water than conventional hotel laundry equipment. The fact that they can handle more than one load at a time saves time. And the technology packs a powerful soil removal punch, both preserving and protecting linens.

At the end of each tunnel washer cycle, a compressor extracts extra water before linens are dried or ironed.

The washers can also be combined with a water reclamation and ozone system to increase the water savings. Water reclamation allows for the processing and recycling of up to 90 percent of the water used during the wash cycle. Ozone systems are designed to break down stains using only cold water, drastically reducing the amount of hot water, natural gas and chemicals.

Undefeated Dryers

Dryers make up another large energy expenditure in hospitality laundry, which is what makes getting the right balance of speed and efficiency so essential.

For dryers, the most important feature is: moisture sensors.

Dryers with built-in sensors prevent the kind of over-drying that can waste energy and damage fibers. The technology protects linens, lengthening their lifecycle, and reduces ragout.

Indispensable Ironers

Washers and dryers typically steal the spotlight for green equipment, but ironers have an equally important role to play in maintaining your high-quality linens and producing the kind of presentation your guests have come to expect.

The most important feature for ironers is: efficient speed control.

Energy efficient ironing systems operate more quickly, achieving results in less time and using less energy.

Powerful Programmability

For all green commercial equipment, the ability to program for different linens, scenarios, load sizes, chemical makeup and more is a key to efficiency. It also ensures consistency and increases productivity.

Machines should offer the option to program according to:

  • Water temperature
  • Water levels
  • Pre-wash
  • Chemical makeup
  • Desired dryness
  • Type of textiles
  • Water extraction speed

The programmable controls should also be intuitive enough to be easy for staff to use and be trained on, increasing their productivity.

Saving Green, Saving the Planet

Whether properties are investing in their own green commercial laundry equipment for an on-property laundry operation or choosing an outsourcing partner, being well-informed about features will make the most of the money spent.

For OPLs, or hotels with on-property laundry, energy efficient machines with modern technology replace older equipment as it retires or as the property’s needs change.

When it comes to choosing a commercial laundry vendor, knowing the must-have features will help with comparison shopping.