Maintaining Optimal Par Levels for Hotel Linen Inventory

maintaining-good-hotel-linen-par-levels.jpgAsk anyone who works for or with a hotel laundry service what’s the most important thing a property can do to make life easier for everyone, and the answer is swift: Maintain good par levels.

Having the right amount of linens on hand is essential for avoiding shortages and for protecting your investment in luxury hotel sheets and towels.

Not convinced? Here are some details for why maintaining optimal par levels for hotel linen inventory is so important. 

Optimal Par Levels

For hotels and resorts, the recommended number of pars is four:

  • One in the guest room
  • One in the closet to be used next
  • One dirty that’s being removed from a guest room
  • One in the laundry

Conduct an Inventory

Now that you know how many pars you should have, it’s time to inventory how many you actually have.

You should conduct an inventory every 30, 60 or 90 days – more frequently ahead of the busy season – and your commercial linen service provider will have helpful inventory management tips.

Expect the Unexpected

Having enough pars means you won’t be caught short-handed during unexpected surges in demand or down times for your commercial laundry equipment.

You’ll also be prepared for high seasons when you’ll have not only more occupied rooms but more people per room.

Protect Your Linen Inventory

Even the most durable hotel linens need breaks, and having enough pars means you’ll be able to give your hardworking textiles a rest between uses.

Working with an eco-friendly commercial laundry service with linen-saving processes and products will help, but even then, you’ll want to build in time to let fibers relax.

Increase Par Levels, Decrease Stress

Having the optimal par levels will lessen the stress on your linens, your staff and your guests. You’ll maximize the lifecycle of your luxury hotel sheets and towels by giving them enough time to recover between uses, which means you’ll get the most out of your investment.