Is it Time to Say Goodbye to Your Laundry Machines for Hotels?

is-it-time-to-say-goodbye-to-laundry-machines-for-hotels.jpgBreaking up is hard to do, it’s true, but the cost of maintaining, repairing and updating laundry machines for hotels makes it easy.

Especially if your commercial laundry equipment for hotels is damaging or failing to protect your hotel linen, it could be the end of the road for your relationship.

How will you and your staff know when it’s time to say goodbye to laundry machines for hotels – and hello to savings? Here are some signs to keep in mind.

Linen Comes Out of the Laundry Stained or Damaged

Wear and tear is a fact of the hotel linen lifecycle, but if your housekeeping staff is routinely spotting the same kinds of rips, holes or mysterious stains after linen comes out of the laundry, your laundry machines for hotels may be to blame.

Have staff check for culprits such as loose pieces on the laundry chute, chemical imbalances or oil on your ironer. Also, double check the temperature and timing on your commercial dryers for hotels to make sure they aren’t over drying.

Your Machines Can’t Keep Up 

If you’ve recently upgraded your hotel sheets and towels or added more guest room space, staff may find that your machines aren’t equipped to deal with the new demand. 

They may not leave your linens in the condition you’d like, or they might not have the capacity to efficiently handle all of the new bedding and robes.

If your equipment is stuck in the past, that’s another sign that it’s time to move on.

So Now What?

We’ve talked about when to say goodbye to your existing machines, which brings us to the next step: Saying hello to savings.

When you’re considering what to do about your machines and how to reduce hotel laundry costs, the answer may be an eco-friendly commercial laundry service.

Properties find that they save money, time and resources when they switch to a laundry provider and shut down their on property laundry.  

Are your machines telling you it’s time to go your separate ways?