How to Reduce Hotel Laundry Costs with Outsourcing

Bhow-to-reduce-hotel-laundry-costs-with-outsourcing.jpgy the time you finish reading this, we know you’ll be as convinced as we are that outsourcing is how to reduce hotel laundry costs, as well as save time, energy and valuable resources.

Large-scale professional laundry services build their businesses on their ability to do more for less – time, money and energy – and they pass those savings on to hospitality properties just like yours.

So outsourcing is how to reduce hotel laundry costs? Yes, and so much more. Read on.

No More Hidden OPL Costs

When was the last time you and your staff calculated the total cost of your on-property laundry operation? Last year? Last quarter? Never?!

No matter when you did your calculation, chances are there are some so-called hidden costs that slipped by you because of the massive reach of your laundry room and factors such as indirect labor costs and commercial laundry equipment depreciation.

Our OPL Cost Calculator will walk you through the process of getting a complete cost estimate, taking into account things like:

  • Labor
  • Chemicals
  • Supplies
  • Water, gas, electricity
  • Maintenance
  • Payroll
  • Consulting fees
  • Space depreciation
  • And more

One of the key cost-related benefits of outsourcing with a hospitality laundry service is gaining confidence that you know exactly what your laundry costs – and that you can cover it with one bill.

No Hidden Costs, Period

One quick outsourcing pro tip: To maximize your investment in a laundry provider, make sure you understand upfront what your contract covers and what it doesn’t.

Will you be charged for clean or dirty pounds? (The answer should be clean.)

Do they provide a scale? (They should, yes.)

Will you be charged separately or extra for sorting, delivery or miscellaneous expenses? (No, no and no.)

Knowing what questions to ask about the contract terms and services will position you to reduce hotel laundry costs and make the most informed decision possible.

Pay as You Go

Now that you have an idea of what your true OPL costs are, keep in mind that you’re paying many of them regardless of your occupancy.

With outsourcing, you’ll pay laundry costs only for occupied rooms, allowing for better budget control and the ability to match expenses to revenue.

Protect Your Linen Investment

It’s taking more and more to meet – and surpass – the expectations of guests who come to your property looking for the iconic Hotel Bed experience. More luxurious sheets, more covers, more pillows, just more.

Not to mention that every design detail in the room needs to be Instagram-worthy.

Once you invest in all of those high-quality linens, it’s time to assess whether your existing commercial laundry equipment is up to the task of keeping it guest-ready for as long as possible. If the answer is no, remember that you have cost-effective options other than replacing your equipment.

A professional laundry service has high-tech equipment to match your high-quality sheets and towels, extending their lifecycle while being gentle on fabrics and tough on stains.

Space Savers

Shutting down an OPL can be a big huge change for a property, and while you’re losing a laundry room, think of all you stand to gain, namely space.

Properties that have decided to partner with an outsourcing provider have transformed their laundry rooms into everything from internal offices to revenue-generating retail shops, spas and coffee shops. As consumer demands shift, having that extra space will give your property the room to respond.

Real Reductions

Every day, hotel, resort and timeshare properties discover the secret of how to reduce hotel laundry costs with outsourcing.

The first step is to calculate total current costs then comparison shop for outsourcing providers with transparent pricing and modern machines.