How to Reduce Hotel Laundry Costs by Shutting Down Your OPL

Reduce-Hotel-Laundry-Costs-by-Shutting-Down-Your-OPL.jpgWe know, we probably struck a nerve: You’re all for how to reduce laundry costs for your hotel, but shutting down your on-property laundry (OPL)? Forget about it.

You’re probably convinced that no one can handle your luxury hotel bedding, towels and linens as well as you can or at a lower cost.

Well, get out your calculator and latest budget figures – we’re prepared to show you how to reduce hotel laundry costs by shutting down your OPL.

Calculate Your Current OPL Costs – All of Them

Before you’re ready to learn how to reduce hotel laundry costs at your property, you need an accurate accounting of what your laundry is costing you today. And that includes costs you can see and the ones we’re willing to bet are “hiding” in plain sight.

Too often, properties underestimate their laundry costs by not considering indirect factors such as equipment depreciation and the value of the real estate the laundry room is sitting on.

Our OPL Cost Calculator is a comprehensive tool for determining the true cost of your in-house laundry by including both direct and indirect expenses, such as:

  • Commercial laundry equipment maintenance, repairs and depreciation
  • Cost of the laundry facility’s square footage
  • Electricity
  • Gas
  • Labor
  • Laundry chemicals
  • Linen replacement
  • Taxes, licenses and permits
  • Water

Ask the Right Questions When Gathering Quotes

Now that you have a good sense of your overall current costs, you can collect quotes from large-scale commercial laundry services to compare.

When you’re gathering estimates from outsourcing partners, here are some question to keep in mind:

  • Is the per-pound cost for clean or dirty pounds? You want the answer to be clean because dirty laundry weighs so much more.
  • Do they charge extra for things like sorting and delivery? Ideally, the answer is no, and the quote you get is as inclusive as possible.
  • Are scales provided to you? They should provide them in order to ensure accountability on both sides of the equation.

Take Tours and Prepare to be Wowed

There’s a reason that large-scale commercial laundry providers can afford to handle linens for less money per pound, and you’ll see it as soon as you step foot on their property: It’s all about the high-tech equipment.

Tunnel washer technology, sensor-enabled dryers and lightning-quick ironers are all technological advances that allow hospitality laundry facilities to use less water, gas, electricity and other resources than conventional laundry machines.

A tour will also give you a behind-the-scenes look at their operations that can offer you peace of mind about the expertise of their staff and their handling of property’s linens.

Take a Hard Look Into Your Crystal Ball

The commercial laundry equipment in your OPL may be serving you well today, but will it be able to carry you into the future?

As competition continues to heat up in the hospitality industry, more focus is being placed on customer service and brand-specific amenities, namely the iconic Hotel Bed. Many properties find that as they upgrade their linens or increase the quantity placed in each room, their existing machines can’t keep up.

Also, it’s important to consider the age of your equipment. Are you close to the end of its lifecycle? Are you overdue for milestone maintenance? You could be one mishandled repair or personnel misstep away from having to replace machines before you’re ready.

If you’re staring down the possibility of repairs or upgrades, it’s time to ask whether investing in outsourcing is a better choice not just for today but into the future.

Reduce Costs, Increase Opportunities

The benefits of outsourcing extend beyond just how to reduce hotel laundry costs. You’ll also gain back the space your laundry room is on, and you’ll get the confidence that you’ve put your linens in the hands of professionals that you’ve carefully chosen.