How to Keep Your Hotel Laundry Equipment from Damaging Your Linens

how-to-keep-hotel-laundry-equipment-from-damaging-linens.jpgYour hotel laundry equipment is an important asset – until something goes wrong. Then it’s liability city. 

Malfunctioning, poorly maintained or improperly cleaned laundry equipment can wreak havoc on your luxury hotel bedding and linens. Mysterious stains, rips and other damage from laundry equipment are largely preventable, and the faster you identify the culprits, the better.

Here are some ways to keep your hotel laundry equipment from damaging your hotel linen inventory.

Maintain the Correct Chemical Balance

The right blend of eco-friendly commercial laundry detergent and other non-toxic chemicals will keep your hotel sheets and towels clean, soft and better for the environment.

But the wrong formulation can hasten damage or stains, so it’s important that you and your staff are careful about following the manufacturer’s recommendations.

Clean Machines Regularly

This may seem like a pretty straightforward one, but all it takes is one greasy part out of place on your ironer to leave black marks across your entire hotel linen supply for the day. 

In addition to regular cleaning, make sure to do frequent spot checks of less visible moving pieces, particularly after repairs.

Keep Your Laundry Chute Snag-Free

Your laundry chute is another place where one small piece that’s bent out of shape can have a big impact, ripping everything it touches. Your chute should be checked often as part of regular maintenance and upkeep.

If keen-eyed housekeeping staff notice small tears in your hotel sheets or towels, the chute is a great place to start looking before the rips have a chance to grow.

Enlist Staff as Linen Defenders

In order to successfully protect your linens and keep hotel laundry equipment from inflicting damage, you need staff to be vigilant in looking for small stains and tears.

Encourage staff to speak up and start looking for the source of any problems as soon as they spot them.