How to Involve Your Laundry Vendor in Choosing Your Hotel Linen Supply

involving-laundry-vendor-in-selecting-hotel-linen-supply.jpgThe path to a long and happy life for your hotel linen supply starts with choosing the right products for your property. High-quality linens that are well-suited to your needs will keep guests and staff happy and have longer lifespans.

Don’t Go it Alone

But selecting the right hotel sheets, towels and other linens is more complicated than it used to be. As guests expect more from the iconic Hotel Bed experience, for instance, properties are investing in higher-thread count sheets without being aware of potential pitfalls related to durability or wear and tear.

This is where your commercial laundry service can be an ideal resource. Their knowledge is three-fold: they have a good sense of what your needs are, they work closely with linen manufacturers and hotel sheets suppliers, and they see literally tons of laundry every year and know what is most likely to stand up to the demands of your property.

With that in mind, here are some strategies for how to involve your laundry vendor in choosing your hotel linen supply.

Get Your Laundry Partner On Board Early

As soon as you start thinking about replacing or upgrading your hotel linen inventory, let your laundry reps know so they can start gathering insights and recommendations. You don’t want to be too far down the road with products they might not think are right for you.

Ask the Same Questions of Your Laundry and Linen Representatives

Keep track of the information provided to you by different linen manufacturers and verify if with your laundry vendor. Does certain luxury hotel bedding hold up better over time? Does the shape of your wash cloths really matter? Why are certain materials better than others?

Partnering with a commercial laundry service can automatically put you one step closer to securing the right hotel linen supply, so including them early in your purchase planning and asking the right questions is key.