Par Level Management: How to Increase Par Levels

iStock-860586890-479656-edited.jpgWe’ll let you in on a secret about how to increase par levels, hotel laundry staff: There is no secret.

At least, no secret that you aren’t already aware of. You and your staff likely know what it takes to have effective par level management, you just haven’t put your knowledge into practice – yet.

It will take time, creativity, and yes, a financial investment upfront, but here are insights into how to increase par levels: hotel laundry tips, as well as some compelling information on the benefits.

Start with Quality Linens

Investing in quality linens made of durable materials will make it feel as if you’ve increased your par levels.

If you aren’t sure where to start when choosing luxury hotel bedding and towels, ask your linen distributors to connect you with properties of similar size. Ask what products they’d recommend and where they’d steer clear.

Also make sure you get enough samples that your testing gives you the data you need about wear and tear and projected lifecycle.

The benefit of quality linens: They’ll not only stand the test of time, they’ll signal to your luxury-seeking guests what you stand for.

Be in the Know

Being in the know about how to increase par levels, hotel laundry folks, is as uncomplicated as knowing how many pars you need on hand and determining how many pars you currently have.

You may be aware that the industry recommended number of pars is four. That includes: One in use in the guest room + one in storage waiting to be used next + one that’s soiled and being removed from a guest room + one in the laundry.

The next step is to figure out how close to that recommended number you are. And to stay on top of that number by running inventory at regular intervals and more frequently before and during the high season.

The benefit to being in the know: Knowledge is power, and the more information you have, the less likely that shortages will catch you by surprise. For those of you running on-premise laundry, or OPL, being short means you’re one equipment failure or unexpected surge in occupancy away from disaster.

Decrease Loss

One method for increasing par levels over time is to decrease the amount of loss, both accidental and intentional.

Steps for decreasing accidental loss include:

  • Storing chemicals far from your linens
  • Keeping laundry chutes, carts and laundry equipment in good working condition, with no sharp edges or dirty parts
  • Washing and storing cleaning rags separately from linens to avoid color or chemical transfer

When it comes to intentional loss, some is inevitable, but there are actions you can take to protect your linen investment.

To decrease intentional linen losses:

  • Consider investing in washable RFID chips that track linens’ location
  • Centralize linen storage areas and keep them locked at all times
  • Educate housekeeping staff about the importance of not leaving supply carts unattended

Just as avoidable are losses to linens that come when staff and guests use your towels for cleaning purposes. Give staff a steady supply of cleaning rags so they won’t be tempted by your towels, and stock your guest rooms with makeup remover pads, shoe shine kits and paper towels.

The benefit of decreasing loss: priceless. You’ll cut your replacement costs and get the most out of your linen supply.

Partner with a Hotel Laundry Service

One of the objections that properties have to outsourcing their laundry is that they don’t want to increase par levels. We’re turning that challenge into a benefit by noting that once your linens are being handled by professionals, chances are they’ll last longer and yield more uses.

One key benefit of outsourcing: You’ll have more pars and will need to replace them less frequently, saving money in the long run.

Increase Par Levels, Decrease Stress

Hopefully, you’ve discovered that the secret for how to increase par levels hotel laundry was with you all along, and now it’s just a matter of making these best practices part of your approach.