How to Go Green by Outsourcing Hotel Laundry Service

how-to-go-green-by-outsourcing-hotel-laundry-serviceSustainability is no longer a buzzword for hotels and resorts. But concentrating too many resources on conservation and energy efficiency can quickly put managers and owners into the business of the environment, instead of the business of hospitality. 

At the same time, there’s an industry-wide demand to implement environment-friendly processes and to convey those practices to your guests. This is why many hotels and resorts are choosing to go green by outsourcing hotel laundry service.

First, know that guests care

Forbes reports that more and more companies are “expanding sustainability efforts as the amount of socially conscious travelers increases.”

Further, a survey of 1,300 US travelers done by TripAdvisor found that nearly two-thirds of travelers “often or always” consider the environment when choosing hotels, transportation and meals, and that 69% reported planning to make even more eco-friendly choices in the next year.

In light of this, it indeed is important for hotels and resorts to pursue green practices. However, doing so still requires time, research, and money. One of the most economic and efficient ways to accomplish this is to go green by outsourcing hotel laundry service.

Finding a green partner

In choosing to go green by outsourcing hotel laundry service, you’re able to pursue green practices that won’t impede on your own resources and capacity. You’ll be able to choose a partner whose practices are in line with your goals. The following are some key green aspects to evaluate when choosing a hotel laundry service.

Water conservation. When looking for a laundry partner, one of the main focuses should be their practices regarding water. Quality vendors will have high-efficiency equipment that is designed to use less water and maximize loads. Tunnel-washer technology and internal recycling systems are ideal. Vendors should also be able to speak to how they can filter and reclaim water to reduce the amount of fresh water consumed.

Efficient energy. Another aspect to evaluate is how much energy the partner uses to run the equipment. Good practices include using high-efficient boilers to generate steam for irons as well as natural gas for commercial dryers. Dryers should be designed to turn off automatically when they sense linens are dry, to reduce run times. The plant itself should be equipped with energy-efficient lighting to turn off when not in use.

Green cleaning agents. Finally, another factor to consider when you go green by outsourcing hotel laundry service is the partner’s choice of cleaning agents. Quality vendors will use detergents that are 100% biodegradable and allow for cleaning without harsh toxins. In addition, they will use precision pumps that prevent waste and build up.

A green laundry service partner can provide these services and ensure hotel and resort operations are good for the environment. Further, outsourcing linen services frees up time and resources so you can explore other green practices for environmental sustainability in the hospitality industry, such as installing low-flow shower heads, encouraging guest participation in saving water and reusing towels, or redesigning grounds with eco-friendly landscaping.

If you are ready to make a switch – for the environment and for your guests – there are ways to streamline the process. Check out our Ultimate Guide to Transitioning to a Hotel Laundry Service.

For hotels and resorts across the country, outsourcing hotel laundry service is one of the easiest way to go green. It allows you to implement environment-friendly practices and assure your guests that sustainability is a priority. To learn more about the green practices of Crown Linen, click here. And for more information on on-property-laundry versus outsourcing costs and benefits for hotels and resorts, download our free comparison guide.