How to Get the Most from Your Customer Satisfaction Questionnaire for Hotel

how-to-get-the-most-out-of-guest-satisfaction-survey.jpgThe customer satisfaction questionnaire for hotel is now a hospitality standard, and most properties even have the process automated so that guests receive a survey prompt via email within several days of their stay.

The upside is having a built-in way to gather guest feedback. The downside is that guests are so used to receiving surveys that they may not fill them out unless something goes amazingly well – or unfortunately awry – which can skew your results.

To keep guests engaged and your staff well informed, here some tips for getting the most from your customer satisfaction questionnaire for hotel.

Have a Strong Introduction

Consumers are so accustomed to being asked for their opinion that they may have lost sight of why brands and companies are always asking: to make things better.

Make sure to begin your customer satisfaction questionnaire for hotel with two key elements: a thank you to the guest for selecting your property; and a brief explanation that their responses will help management continue to create exceptional experiences for guests in the future.

The intro doesn’t need to be long, but it does need to express gratitude and purpose.

Start with the Big Picture and Get Smaller

Research shows that the flow of the survey matters, so it’s a good idea to put your questions about the overall stay at the top and gradually get more granular.

Start with:

  • Overall satisfaction with the stay
  • Likelihood of returning to the property
  • Likelihood of recommending the property
  • Overall value, etc.

Then move into detailed questions about:

  • Speed of check-in
  • Appearance of different parts of the hotel
  • Cleanliness
  • Quality of the linens
  • Responsiveness of staff
  • Customer service in general

Don’t Forget to Ask Guests How They Heard of You

Your customer satisfaction questionnaire for hotel is an opportunity to gauge which of your marketing efforts are working to bring in guests, so don’t forget to ask something along the lines of, “How did you find out about our hotel?”

You can either provide options if you’re looking to track specific marketing channels or give guests the chance to fill in the blank.

Ask Guests to Name Names

Everyone on your staff is a rock star in their own right, but if someone made a particularly good impression on a guest, your survey is the chance to find out.

Ideally, guests have surfaced any negative experiences while they were onsite, so you can make the survey questionnaire about a positive interaction: “Was there a team member you’d like to mention who made a special impression?”

Explore Expectations

Customer satisfaction can be a tricky thing to measure, but research suggests that one sound metric is whether someone’s expectations were met.

Use that to your advantage by including questions about the extent to which certain aspects of the stay – overall experience, price, location – met or exceeded guests’ expectations.

Give the Option to Opt Out

Not all of the information you want to gather will be applicable to every guest, so be sure to include NA, or Not Applicable, as an option.

You don’t want someone to automatically skip over all of the questions about room service because they didn’t order when there may be information mixed in you can gather about why they didn’t choose to.

Use All of Your Knowledge Wisely

Guest service and training are some obvious places to make changes based on feedback from your customer satisfaction questionnaire for hotel, and keep in mind that there are others, as well, including marketing.

Looking at surveys as a group periodically will also help you see and respond to patterns that may pass you by otherwise.

No go forth and survey!