How to Choose the Right Commercial Laundry Detergent & Products

choosing-the-right-commercial-laundry-detergent-for-your-hotel-304450-edited.jpgYour hotel linens are of the best quality and everything down to your par levels is perfect, meaning the next step is to protect your hotel linen inventory with the right commercial laundry detergent.

Even if everything else about your laundry operation is running smoothly, the wrong combination or formulation of chemicals can cause damage that sends your carefully selected hotel sheets and towels to the rag pile prematurely.

Here’s an important tip that will simplify choosing the right commercial laundry detergent and products.

Take it Easy & Go Green

It used to be the case that chemicals we now know are bad for the environment were the only way to ensure linens were thoroughly cleaned. Fortunately for us – and for Mother Nature – that’s no longer true.

Think of it this way: Detergents and other cleaning solvents that are easier on the environment will also be easier on your luxury hotel bedding. 

To make the most impact, look for products that are 100 percent biodegradable and free of NPE, phosphate, EDTA, NTA and aromatic solvents.

Take a Fresh Look at Your Entire Laundry Operation

Detergent and other cleaning chemicals, while important, are just one part of protecting your linen investment.

Make sure you’ve covered your other bases by:

  • Asking your hotel sheets supplier the right questions before you buy
  • Involving your laundry vendor in selecting your hotel linen supply
  • Having the right par level for hotel sheets.

Leave it to the Professionals

The best way to ensure your pristine hotel sheets, towels and other linens are being properly handled is to outsource your laundry to an eco-friendly provider.

The right large-scale vendor will use the latest technology, processes and products to launder your linens as efficiently as possible. You’ll not only be assured your investment is being protected, you’ll get to say goodbye to expensive hotel laundry equipment and hello to savings.

The key to choosing the right commercial laundry detergent is to focus on hard-working products that are easy on the environment – and your linens. As the laundry professionals know, going green doesn’t mean sacrificing quality or effectiveness.