How the Right Commercial Linen Service Can Save Hotels More than Money

how-hotels-can-save-money-with-the-right-laundry-service.jpgWhen you’re considering whether to partner with a commercial linen service, the possibility of saving money is probably pretty high on your list — but it shouldn’t be the only thing on your list.

While cost savings is one big benefit of outsourcing your property’s laundry, working with the right linen service can save you even more than money.

As you’re considering whether to keep your on property laundry (OPL) or switch to a commercial laundry service, let’s take at some of the other valuable things – besides money that hotels like yours have saved.  

Environmental Impact

A large-scale, eco-friendly commercial laundry service will have high-tech equipment that handles more laundry in less time, using less water, fuel and electricity than the conventional commercial machines found at most hotels. They also make more efficient use of their personnel.

Outsourcing presents the opportunity to instantly shrink your property’s carbon footprint.


Commercial laundry machines not only take a toll on a hotel’s expenses, they occupy valuable real estate that could be earning money instead. Outsourcing frees up that square footage for a  range of uses, including a possible retail store, restaurant or spa.  

Hotels that have shut down their OPLs have also transformed their former laundry rooms into offices, coffee shops or convention meeting space.

Time to Focus on Other Things

You might not realize how much time you and your staff spend on your on property laundry operation until it’s gone. Outsourcing provides a way to reclaim that time and devote it to something even more valuable.

The most often-cited argument for outsourcing with a commercial linen service is to save money, and while that’s an important thing, it’s not the only thing. The right laundry vendor will save money and so much more.