How Outsourcing Cuts the Emotional Cost of Hotel Laundry Service

cost-of-hotel-laundry-service.jpg‘Tis the high season, and you have enough on your plate without having to worry about the cost of hotel laundry service.

You’ve been selling the benefits of outsourcing hotel laundry to your boss, and you’ve diligently completed our cost calculator to determine laundry budget hotel costs and llustrate how OPL hotels can’t beat the per-pound savings of a commercial laundry service.

That’s addressing the financial cost, but what about reducing the emotional cost of hotel laundry service? Read on.

No More Worrying About Linen Damage

Large-scale commercial laundry services have invested in the most modern equipment and highly trained staff to ensure your luxury hotel bedding and carefully selected towels get the VIP treatment that you give your guests.

Outsourcing means no more worrying about whether your aging commercial laundry equipment is up to the task of caring for your linens. It’s handled.  And your hardworking laundry machines can finally retire.

Par Level Management Magic

One of the objections to outsourcing is that properties don’t want to have so many pars on hand. Working with a laundry service means it’s best to have the recommended four pars available at all times.

Take it from your housekeeping staff who are scrambling to turn rooms quickly when occupancy is high: Having more pars is a good thing.

Stress-busting Staff Training

The right laundry partner will work closely with you and your staff to prepare for the transition to outsourcing, providing onboarding training, periodic refreshers and frequent check-ins.

Their goal is the same as yours, to ensure everything from pickup to drop-off goes smoothly every time and that everyone knows what to expect.

Don’t You Feel Better Already?

You may not even have realized the high emotional cost of hotel laundry service until you read about the ways you can reduce it. Add to the outsourcing benefits list that it has a high all-around ROI.