How Much Do You Know about Your Hotel Cleaning Staff’s Routine?

housekeeping-cleaning-staff-routine.jpgYou have a solid hospitality training program, a hospitality training manual you’re certain that staff wants to read and, best of all, a hotel cleaning routine that ensures spotlessness. 

Or does it?

You may have the perfect procedures in place, and it’s worth the time to make sure those procedures are being followed by every member of your housekeeping staff all of the time so you can catch any issues early.

Here are some tips to help you answer how much you know about your hotel cleaning staff’s routine.

Do Staff Have All the Cleaning Equipment They Need?

 In order to keep up with the demands of the job, housekeeping staff must be resourceful people, and that’s likely one reason you’ve hired the team that you have.

Even if you haven’t provided the right type or amount of hotel cleaning supplies, that resourcefulness means they’ll find ways to get their jobs done with whatever is on hand – including the materials you intend for guests to use.

Don’t put staff in the position of turning to non-cleaning materials for cleaning jobs by making sure they have what they need. Ask around and encourage them to speak up when they run out of something or if they have any hotel housekeeping tips to offer.

Which brings us to the next question…

Are Your Linens Sustaining Mysterious Damages?

Before you complain to your commercial laundry service about the stains, rips and tears occurring in your hotel linens, make sure that the damage isn’t originating with your housekeeping staff.

If staff haven’t been given enough cleaning rags or cloths, they’ll turn to what they do have enough of, even if that happens to be your luxurious guest towels. Make sure to include instructions on what to do when supplies run low in your hospitality training.

Are You Allotting Enough Time Per Room?

The eco-friendly laundry opt-out program that allows guests to skip having their hotel sheets and towels cleaned every day is great for the environment, but it adds to the time it takes for housekeeping to turn a room.

If your opt-out program has a high adoption rate, be sure that you’re accounting for the extra messes and towels that housekeeping will have to handle when laundry time does arrive. If they’re rushed, they’re much less likely to be as thorough as you’d like.

No Surprises

Ideally, you’ve read through this list without encountering any surprises or revelations, but if you’ve come across something you may have missed about your hotel cleaning routine, now you’re empowered to make a difference.