How Hospitality Laundry Services Save Hotels Money

save-money-on-hospitality-linen-services.jpgHospitality laundry services offer your property the golden opportunity to get out of the laundry business so you can focus on other pressing elements of the guest experience.

 They also happen to be really good for your bottom line.

 You’ve probably heard that switching from your on property laundry to a laundry service will save money, but without all of the facts or a good comparison guide, you might be skeptical. With that in mind, here is a detailed look at how hospitality laundry services save hotels money.

Elimination of Hidden Costs

Chances are, your on property laundry is costing you more than you think. When most hotels and resorts calculate their laundry costs, they consider the things they can see, like commercial laundry equipment, detergent and supplies.

But there are plenty of other costs that are hidden in plain sight that should be included. Here are just a few costs to count that would be eliminated or reduced by outsourcing:

Your labor calculation should include all of the time for everyone involved in your laundry operation, even if their role seems minimal. Over the course of a month or year, that time will add up.

Water & Fuel
If you don’t separate out the water and utility costs for your OPL from the costs for the rest of your property, you won’t be able to calculate their true cost. You have a few options for obtaining a good estimate: You can search online for OPL cost calculators, contact a consultant who specializes in hospitality cost calculations or benchmark with properties that are similar in size and occupancy levels to yours.

Equipment depreciation
Commercial laundry equipment is expensive to purchase and maintain, and just like any other asset of its kind, its value decreases over time.

Square footage
Your on property laundry operation is sitting on valuable floor space that could be devoted to a range of other uses that could generate revenue. Hotels that have shut down their OPLs have converted their laundry rooms into spas, retail stores and convention meeting areas.

One (Cost) and Done

Now you have a sense for how many different costs go into the overall price tag for your OPL. With the right hotel laundry vendor, you’ll have just one inclusive cost that covers what you need.

That’s assuming that you do your homework and find a provider with transparent pricing and no added fees for services such as delivery and sorting. It’s important to understand what your outsourcing contract does and doesn’t include so you can maximize your investment.

Payment Only for Occupied Rooms

With your OPL, your costs are fixed no matter how many guests you have. Even during low occupancy times, staff still need to be paid and your commercial laundry equipment still needs to be run.

With the right vendor, you’ll only pay laundry costs for your occupied rooms. A flexible pay-as-you-go model allows properties to pay per pound of clean laundry processed. So when you have fewer guests and fewer pounds of laundry, you’ll pay less.

Longer Linen Life

Large-scale hospitality laundry services have high-tech equipment that’s tough on stains but gentle on your luxury linens, giving them a longer lifespan.

Tunnel washers that use four times less water than conventional commercial washers and non-toxic detergents are just two of the elements that laundry facilities trust to protect sheets, towels and other linens. Dryers and ironers are also equipped with textile-saving features.

Hospitality laundry services take the hassle of running an on property laundry off your hands and save your property money by consolidating costs, offering flexible pricing and increasing the lifespan of your linens. It’s a win for you, for staff who have more time for other tasks and for guests who will be impressed by the condition of your sheets and towels.