How Good Par Level Management Can Save Hotels Money

par-level-management-hotel-laundry.jpgFor hotels, resorts and timeshares whose par level management plan is to just skate by, the reason they cite is cost. Good hotel linen is expensive, and doing more with less seems to make financial sense.

What this line of thinking doesn’t take into account is the full cost of not having enough pars. Just skating by actually costs more in the long run and isn’t a good approach for how to reduce hotel laundry costs.

Not convinced? Let’s take a look at how good par level management can save hotels money.

Four is the Magic Number

If you’re making do with three or even two pars, brace yourselves: For hotels and resorts, the recommended number of pars is four.

  • One in use in the guest room
  • One in climate-controlled storage to be used next
  • One that’s being removed from a guest room to head to your on property laundry or commercial laundry service
  • One in the laundry being cleaned

Longer Linen Lifecycle

Your hotel linen, much like your guests, needs time to rest. Even the most durable sheets and towels require a breather after turns in guest rooms and trips through commercial laundry equipment for hotels.

The same goes for laundry machines for hotels: Even if you have commercial dryers for hotels with sensors that prevent overdrying or other high-tech features aimed at protecting your linens, that isn’t enough.

Not having enough pars means there’s no time off for your hardworking linens, and the constant wear and tear shortens their lifecycle. Having the recommended amount of linens ensures adequate breaks between uses and a means you’ll maximize their usable time.

Without good par level management, you’ll have to replace linens more frequently, driving up your overall linen costs.

Spend More Now, Save More Later

Luxury hotel bedding and durable soft towels are expensive, but investing in the right amount upfront and giving your stock time to rest between uses saves money in replacement costs in the long run.