How Converting to a Commercial Laundry Service Saves Time and Money

how-a-commercial-laundry-service-saves-time-money.jpgYou and your housekeeping staff take pride in your on property laundry, and it’s hard to imagine that a commercial laundry service could do it better – or cheaper.

But it’s true for hotels, resorts and timeshares that have already made the switch: the professionals can do more for less. Less money, less energy and less hassle.

Here’s a quick look at how converting to a commercial laundry saves time and money.

One Consolidated Laundry Bill

If you don’t currently isolate the costs for your on property laundry, you may not be aware of just how much it all costs or how to reduce hotel laundry costs.

When you’re calculating your current costs, remember to include:

When you convert to the right commercial laundry service, you’ll go from having a series of disparate costs that you may or may not be able to track to having one bill for the majority of your laundry-related expenses.

You’ll spend less time juggling laundry costs and more time focused on other aspects of the guest experience.

High-Tech Energy Efficient Equipment

A large-scale eco-friendly laundry service will have state-of-the-art equipment that dwarfs your machines in size and ability to handle loads with less water and energy. They then pass those savings on to their customers.

Even modern commercial dryers for hotels that are designed with the latest energy saving features can’t compare with a laundry service’s ultra high capacity equipment.

The commercial machines are tough on stains but gentle on your hotel linen, offering the potential for lengthening the life of your luxury hotel bedding and specially selected towels.

More for Less

Curious about whether a large-scale commercial laundry service is right for you? Start with calculating your current costs, running a comparison and taking tours of facilities near you. You may be surprised about the time and money savings you’re missing out on.