Hotel Laundry Service FAQs

hotel-laundry-service-faqsAs a leading hotel laundry service, we interact with a lot of current and prospective clients in the hospitality industry, from large hotels to sprawling timeshare properties.

Every property is uniqueof coursebut they all have one thing in common: Lots of questions. About our cost, our processes, and even our sorting.

To demystify the world of outsourcing, here are some of the most common hotel laundry service FAQs. If you’ve got one that we haven’t answered, comment below!

Why Would I Outsource My Laundry When I Can Do It Cheaper?

We’re going to start by answering this question with a series of questions: Are you sure you can do it cheaper? What makes you so sure? Does your hotel laundry cost estimate include both direct and indirect costs?

Before assuming that your OPL, or on-premise laundry, is the most cost-effective solution, we recommend taking a detailed every-penny-matters look at your operation.

Our comprehensive OPL Cost Calculator will give you an estimate of your total laundry expenses, taking into account some items that frequently get overlooked, such as maintenance payroll, parts and equipment depreciation.

Once you have that figure, you’ll be better prepared to compare with what a hotel laundry service will charge. Keep in mind that the number one reason properties have for outsourcing is to lower their costs.

How Do I Know You Aren’t Going to Mix Up My Linens with Everyone Else’s?

In a word: Technology.

No, really.

In addition to our vigilant staff, we’ve got high-tech equipment that meticulously tracks each client’s linens from arrival to departure.

Our Batch Integrity tunnels allow for a single client’s linens to be sent through the laundry process at a time, and staff can tellwith the touch of a buttonthe location of any individual property’s linens in the process.

We provide each property with scales so that linens can be weighed throughout their laundry journey, including: when they leave the hotel, when they arrive at one of our five facilities, before they leave our plants and when they arrive back.

A day in the life of a hotel laundry service, while busy, is a study in organized chaos, and if you’d like to see it in action, contact us for a tour.

What Are All of These Bags For?

We give all of a property’s linens back, even the luxury hotel sheets, towels, robes or tablecloths that we’re recommending be taken out of service because of damage or stains. While we have a rigorous stain treatment protocol for linens that need a little extra TLC, not every item can be reclaimed.

The main reason for returning linens that are clearly headed to the rag pile is accountability. Clients can rest assured that they’re getting everything back that they provided to ushence, the scalesand that we aren’t hiding any loss or damage.

How Else Can I Hold You Accountable?

The scales go a long way in linen accountability, and on the financial side, transparent pricing is key.

When you’re gathering quotes from laundry providers, make sure everyone on your team understands what the quote includes. We don’t charge extra for things like pickup, delivery or sorting, but some companies do.  

Another pro tip: Once you pick a provider, have frequent check-ins across the housekeeping and finance departments to ensure that you’re getting what you’re paying for.

What’s the Oddest Thing You’ve Ever Found in a Hotel’s Linens?

Oh, we’ve got a full list of actual items recovered while sorting, and it includes:

  • Glassware
  • Bottles
  • Un, um, mentionables
  • Keepsakes
  • A mop
  • A broom

How Do I Sign Up?

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