Hotel Housekeeping Tips for Working With A Laundry Service

hotel-housekeeping-tips-for-working-with-laundry-service.jpgIf you’ve made the savvy decision to outsource your laundry to an eco-friendly linen service, there are some hotel housekeeping tips to make the most of your partnership that you may not have considered.

In addition to the financial savings, one of the key benefits to laundry outsourcing is that you get to hand off the responsibility to a professional provider. They’re handling the bulk of the dirty work, but there are things you and your staff can do in terms of hospitality training to streamline the process.

As you’re working with your laundry service, here are some hotel housekeeping tips to keep in mind.

Know When It’s Time to Take Linen Out of Circulation

Even the most luxurious hotel sheets and towels have a natural lifecycle, and it’s important for housekeeping staff to be able to identify when an item’s guest-facing time is over.

Make sure staff know that linens should be removed from circulation when the begin to fray, turn grey, sustain any rips or tears, or have visible stains that can’t be removed. To make sure everyone is familiar with your standards, add ragout guidelines to your hospitality training manual and hotel housekeeping checklist.

Store All Linen in Climate-Controlled Environments

All linen – even dirty products – should be stored appropriately. That means having climate-controlled storage both inside and outside in pool areas and golf courses.

Have Staff Segregate Heavily Soiled Items

As housekeeping staff turn rooms, have a process in place for them to set aside stained materials so they can be specially handled. Be sure to include details about sorting process in your hospitality training.

Your laundry vendor should have a linen reclaim program that uses an aggressive wash to remove stains and save as much of your stock as possible.

That goes for linens that are being sent out to be laundered as well as the sheets and towels that are going into rooms. The right laundry service will also be vigilant about looking for stains, but your housekeeping staff are ultimately the last line of defense before items go to your guests.

Working with a commercial laundry service should be a partnership, and putting the right hotel housekeeping tips into practice will help your property get the most out of the relationship.