Give Your Hotel Housekeeping Checklist Green Highlights

give-your-hotel-housekeeping-checklist-green-highlights.jpgYour hotel housekeeping checklist is an important tool for both your hospitality training program and ongoing operations, and it can be a key supporting player in your eco-friendly efforts.

Adding steps based on sustainability to your checklist ensures that staff are putting your program into practice and making an impact on your property’s carbon footprint.

To get you started, here are some items sure to give your hotel housekeeping checklist green highlights.

Recycling: Check

If your property offers in-room recycling for guests – and we hope that you do – your housekeeping staff is an important link in the chain ensuring recyclable material makes it from guest rooms to your sanitation service.

On your checklist, include steps that stress the importance of keeping recyclable materials separate from trash.

Your hospitality training manual is a good place to include what items can be recycled and what can’t.

Energy Savings: Check

An act as simple as closing guest room window coverings on sunny days can save up to 15 percent on summer cooling costs by having a ripple effect on room temperatures and a decrease in the energy it takes to keep them cool.

As part of your hotel cleaning routine, remind staff to close blinds or drapes. And for an added energy savings boost, have them turn off lights and electronics such as televisions.

Linen Service Opt Out: Check

Your program that allows guests to opt out of having their hotel sheets and towels laundered every day is a great idea, but guests are only half of the equation. Your staff need to do their part by not removing sheets or towels that guests want to keep.

Include language on your checklist that reminds staff about the importance of recognizing your opt-out program to make the most of the energy savings.

Green Highlights: Check

Adding steps toward sustainability to your hotel housekeeping checklist is just one of the hotel housekeeping tips that can bring your eco-friendly program to life. For more, check out our purchasing and storage tips for hotel cleaning supplies.