Getting the Most Out of Your Hotel Laundry Equipment

getting-most-out-of-hotel-laundry-equipment.jpgYour hotel laundry equipment has one of the hardest jobs on your property: it needs to keep your linens spotless, soft and unforgettable for guests and be durable enough to keep up with your busiest times and highest demand. From the luxury sheets on your high-end mattresses, to the fluffy towels in your spa, to the tablecloths at your inspired restaurant, linens and their consistent quality are paramount.

 Getting the most out of your hotel laundry equipment is an important balancing act that will be best achieved through a partnership between management, facilities management and housekeeping. You may even want to work with an outside laundry vendor. Together, you’ll come up with the right mix of maintenance and machines to keep your hotel laundry equipment and operations running smoothly and your guests sleeping soundly on perfectly laundered sheets.

Practice Proactive Rather Than Reactive Maintenance

Your hotel laundry equipment came with a set of maintenance recommendations from the manufacturer, and they’re an important roadmap to extending the life of your machines. Having routine maintenance done at the recommended intervals can ensure that your upkeep funds are being spent in a proactive way that you can plan around rather than a reactive way that can cause chaos for your budget and your staff.

 A robust computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) is a great facilities management tool that can, among other things, help keep track of equipment maintenance schedules and the need for parts.

Use Eco-Friendly Detergent

The right sustainable laundry detergents are cost-effective, better for the environment and formulated to help keep your hotel laundry machines from having to work too hard. Eco-friendly commercial detergents use chemicals that are biodegradable and free of harsh toxins, meaning you aren’t exposing your staff, guests – or the environment – to harmful materials.

Consider Installing a Mix of Different Machine Sizes

Adding more laundry machines with a mix of capacities has a number of benefits: your staff will gain the flexibility to give your different kinds of linens special attention, and you’ll be able to take machines down for maintenance or repairs without disrupting your operations. Having a mix of high-, medium- and low-capacity machines will also allow you to handle fluctuations in demand and occupancy.

Know When It’s Time to Upgrade

Your existing hotel laundry equipment may be chugging along just fine for now, but the fact is that older equipment is more expensive to run and maintain than energy efficient modern machines. Much of today’s equipment has been built to meet stringent sustainability standards, particularly those bearing the blue Energy Star label.

 According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, commercial washers that have earned the Energy Star are 37% more efficient than models that don’t have the star, and they’re more efficient than models that just meet the federal minimum standard for energy efficiency.

Supplement Your Laundry with a Commercial Linen Service

Another key way to get the most out of your hotel laundry equipment is to rely on it less by partnering with a commercial linen service for some of your laundry needs. Working with a professional linen service for your high-thread-count sheets or crisp table cloths may give your machines the break they need and step your quality up a notch.

 Commercial services may offer pickup and delivery, as well as 24-hour-a-day customer service. With the best eco-friendly equipment and trained staff, a service can free you up to focus on other elements of the guest experience.

Getting the most out of your hotel laundry equipment is a collaborative effort that’s a few smart steps away. With the right approach, you’ll keep your laundry costs low and guest satisfaction with your linens high.