Crown Linen is commited to preserve the safety of its employees and customers by taking preventive measures to avoid the spread of Covid-19.


This protocol includes all the process adjustments Crown has developed to comply with COVID-19 Preventive measures. It integrates the Personal Protection Protocol, Logistics and Cleaning Protocols, as well as production process adjustments.  

Crown Linen will continue to use Ecolab’s AdvaCare  Disinfectant (EPA- Registered) the first laundry disinfectant and oxidizer to receive the U.S. EPA emerging pathogens claim as effective against SARS-COV-2, THE VIRUS THAT CAUSES COVID-19. (EPA reg.# 1677-193) (See attached document from Ecolab).

Crown will sanitize linen carts immediately after being emptied of soiled linens, as well as before loading them with clean linens. In addition to these measures Crown will cover the interior of each cart with a Plastic liner prior to loading clean linen. These measures are mandatory to all our facilities.


All drivers should follow the the Personal Protection Protocol guidelines and will also maintain social distancing and reduce interaction with hotel employees to a minimum, without taking breaks at customer’s locations.
Drivers must perform an aggressive cleaning/disinfecting inside the truck cabins throughout the day. They will be responsible for disinfecting the back of box trucks and trailers between routes: After returning from each route and offloading the soiled linen into the plant, drivers will spray a sanitizing solution in the trailer of box truck and let the truck dry for 30 minutes to allow the solution to dry.


Begins with temperature check before work to validate it is less than 99 degrees Fahrenheit, MANDATORY use of globes and face masks and social distancing 6 feet rule. The company encourages workers to stay home if they feel sick and to wash their hands constantly. These measures apply to all other protocols and external visitors. 


All areas in the operating plant that contact linen will be disinfected on an ongoing basis, including carts, tables and conveyors among others. Custodians should follow the Personal Protection Protocol and cleaning procedures implemented to deal with the pandemic, including thorough surface cleaning and usage of approved disinfecting solutions and products in administrative areas, also focusing on light switches, doorknobs, keyboards, computers and screens, work stations and conference rooms before and after meetings.

Find our more by downloading our Covid-19 response protocol.