Communications Must-Haves for Hospitality Facilities Management

Communications-Must-Haves-for-Hospitality-Facilities-Management.jpgThere’s a problem at the pool, the family in 712 can’t figure out what their kids did to the air conditioner and the refrigerator in the banquet hall is definitely not running: All in a day’s work for your hardworking hospitality facilities management team.

To keep them connected and ever-ready to respond to the next emergency repair or maintenance call, you need seamless communications and the tools to support it. Unreliable radios and spotty reception just won’t cut it.

With guest satisfaction as the end goal – as always –  here’s a list of communications must-haves for hospitality facilities management.

Digital Two-Way Radios

Chances are, every one of your employees, from the front of the house to the laundry room, is carrying a cell phone or smartphone, so we understand why it’s tempting to just rely on the devices they already have.

But cell phones can’t compete with radios on any number of fronts, including reach, reliability, functionality, durability, price – the list goes on.

Switching to the latest digital two-way radios will take an investment upfront, but properties that have switched have seen a return on that initial investment in less than two years in terms of productivity and savings. With radios, you won’t have to pay monthly cell phone fees or reimburse employees.

Benefits of two-way radios over cell phones for hospitality facilities management include:

Push-to-talk (PTT): Staff can connect instantly with the touch of a button

One-to-many communications: A single staffer can reach an entire department or series of departments at once

Indoor location tracking: You can dispatch staff more efficiently by always knowing who is closest to a room or situation onsite

And that doesn’t include features such as:

  • Integrated WiFi
  • Over-the-air software updates
  • Bluetooth
  • Up to 29 hours of battery life
  • Waterproofing

If you’re currently using two-way radios but haven’t yet made the switch to digital, it’s worth considering the upgrades to take advantage of better audio quality, text messaging and text-based radio applications and interoperability with public safety agencies during emergencies.

You can even make the transition gradually with radios that function across both analog and digital.

Workflow Management

Another advantage of digital two-way radios for hospitality facilities management  is the ability to quickly resolve work orders. When a guest calls to report an issue, front desk staff can immediately enter work orders on their radio to be seen by engineers and maintenance staff.

No more paper requests or clunky software, the entire request can be handled almost as soon as the guest hangs up the phone.

Text messaging on radios also allows for discreet instant communications when relaying information via voice isn’t the best option.

Applications for Everyone

Investing in two-way radios doesn’t mean you have to equip everyone on your staff with a device if you have the right application.

There are a number of options available that allow radio users to instantly contact smartphones, tablets, desktop computers and even landlines via push-to-talk. You’ll get the same functionality, such as the ability for one-to-many conversations, across devices and platforms.

Don’t Forget to Accessorize

While two-way radios are already communications powerhouses, you can maximize your investment by adding accessories, including:

  • Ion batteries
  • Earpieces
  • Headsets
  • Remote speaker microphones

Roger That

Radios, applications and accessories help your entire property work together as one team, no matter how big or how small your footprint. Connecting everyone from the front desk, to housekeeping, to hospitality facilities management to security with radios makes the guest experience as seamless as your communications.

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