Commercial Laundry Service Spotlight: Room-Ready Bundles

One of the benefits of being the commercial laundry service of choice for so many high-end properties is the chance to tailor offerings based on what they need.Commercial Laundry Service Spotlight Room-Ready Bundles

We understand that our hospitality clients are constantly looking for ways to increase efficiency, enhance productivity and decrease costs, all in the name of guest satisfaction. As a good partner, we’re with them every step of the way.

A commercial laundry service offering we’re excited to spotlight is our room-ready bundles program, also known as our bundling program.

Why We Do It

Typically, as a commercial laundry service for hospitality clients, our operations are pretty straightforward: We pick up linens at the properties, sort them at one of our five plants, launder them and return them folded and separated by type. (You can learn more about a day in the life of a hotel laundry service here.)

That system works perfectly at properties up to a certain size. But as we all know, here in the great state of Florida, we have hotels and timeshares that resemble small cities, complete with sprawling campuses and multiple sets of buildings with guest rooms and apartments of varying sizes.

For those, the process of having housekeeping staff put together sets of laundry for each room and transport them around is time-consuming, takes up a considerable amount of space and increases the chances of staining and errors.

Enter our bundling program.

How it Works

With the bundling program, the laundering process works as it normally does for the most part, until the very end.

After they’re sorted, washed, dried and ironed, linens are bundled into room-ready packages. We’ve even created branded Crown Linen reusable bags with handles for easy carrying. Once they arrive back at the properties, housemen take the bundles to rooms, where everything needed to turn the specific kind of room is inside.

No more sorting onsite, which means no more separate space or extra staff required.

Benefits of Bundling

For larger properties, the benefits of going with our bundling program are compelling.


Eliminates double and triple handling: Crown Linen staff handle the laundry and the packaging at our plants, reducing the potential for contact with bins or shelves at the property that may be dirty or damaged.

Allows for pay-as-you-go ordering: Properties order the number of bundles they need for the day and don’t have to worry about extra linen sitting around getting dirty, damaged or yellowed.

Enables proper linen cycling: Linen life is determined by many factors, including how often items are laundered and whether they have the chance to rest between uses. The bundling program eliminates the risk of linens being used too frequently.

Frees up space: Not needing an extra area for laundry sorting means that valuable real estate can be used for something else, like expanding services or amenities.

Saves time and money: In general, a large-scale commercial laundry service like us can handle more linens for less time and money than a large property can, and that goes for bundling, too. We pass the savings of our efficiency on to customers.  

Turn-key Solution

For properties with a large campus, multiple buildings and sprawling collections of rooms, the bundling program has proven to be a cost-effective turn-key solution.

And, of course, for smaller properties our other services save time, money, space and resources over operating an on-property laundry. We recommend using our OPL Cost Calculator to get a comprehensive look at what running a laundry is really costing.


Want to learn more about bundling or outsourcing? Feel free to contact us!