Checklist for Getting Ready to Transition to a Hotel Laundry Service

checklist-for-getting-ready-to-transition-to-a-hotel-laundry-serviceIf you’re like many hotel and resort owners and managers, you may be contemplating outsourcing to a hotel laundry service. Doing so can free up budget, space, and human resources and allow you to focus on more pressing matters of hospitality.

Still it can seem daunting. Following this checklist for getting ready to transition to a hotel laundry service can help.

Do a cost analysis

For many hotels and resorts, the idea of outsourcing anything may seem like an extra, unwanted cost. However, sources say, traditional hotel laundries can cost more than their worth in equipment, space and staff. In addition, many hotels are not running their laundries at full capacity, which means they’re wasting water and energy.

Additional expenses of maintenance, supplies, utilities and depreciation also add up. Based on this, the first step to getting ready to transition to a hotel laundry service is to figure out how much you’re currently spending. This on-property laundry cost calculator helps identify costs. Another resource is our Ultimate Guide to Transitioning to a Hotel Laundry Service.

Find the ideal partner

Once you know how much you’re spending, the idea of outsourcing can begin to be more economical. It will also create budget parameters when evaluating laundry partners.

Cost will be an important factor in your decision, but there are additional things to look for as well.

Comprehensive services. You’ll want to be sure the partner provides all the services needed, including pickup, washing, folding, ironing, packaging, and delivery. Does their turnaround time meet your needs, and can they handle your specific linens and care instructions?

Equipment and capacity. The ideal vendor will also have high-quality, high-capacity machines specifically designed for commercial laundry. They should have sound operations and processes to ensure they can deliver on schedule and maintain the highest standards. When evaluating vendors, it helps to take a tour of their plants and to learn about their processes.

Fair policies. Quality vendors will also provide you with a scale and teach you and your staff how to use it properly. They should charge based on the pound and ensure linens are weighed consistently and regularly when they are dry. Quality vendors will recognize that linens weigh more wet and will charge appropriately.

Error-proof processes. It’s also imperative to look for processes that ensure the linens that belong to you are returned to you, and that there is no way for your linens to comingle with the linens of other properties while they’re in the laundry process. Look for bar code scanning systems as well as the vendors’ ability to track items at any point in the cycle.

Green. Also keep in mind that today’s guests are increasingly seeking sustainable experiences, and Hotel Management reports that investing in environmental technologies can have a positive influence on the guest experience. Quality vendors will have green initiatives that they should be ready to define and back up, and guide you in how to convey that benefit to your guests. 

Invest in quality linens. Finally, it’s important to recognize that although they are designed to be more gentle than standard equipment, commercial washers and dryers can break down linen over time. If you’re choosing new linen, quality vendors can help you select durable yet luxurious items that perform well through their laundering processes.

This checklist for getting ready to transition to a hotel laundry service can eliminate your questions about outsourcing and streamline the process. And the savings benefits can quickly add up when it comes to cost, energy, personnel, and square footage. If you’re considering outsourcing your hotel laundry, get started by downloading our free guide on comparing on-property laundry and outsourcing costs and benefits for hotels and resorts.