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Par Level Management Series: How Much Loss is Too Much?

Good par level management is not a one-and-done proposition: As we’ve said, making sure you have enough pars on hand at all times means conducting inventory frequently, ordering linens to keep up with losses and being ready for high and low seasons.

Par Level Management Series: Do’s and Don’ts

When it comes to par level management, we’re going to borrow a well-known slogan: Just do it. Too many properties don’t invest enough time, money and resources into managing their pars, and it makes everyone’s jobs more difficult—and it risks making guests less satisfied. Giving a bit more oomph to the advice of just doing […]

Par Level Management Series: Are You Ready for Leisure Travel Season?

You’ve cruised through the first quarter of the year and you’re feeling confident about your par level management. And then they arrive: leisure travelers. Squeezed into rooms next to the business travelers who only use one of the two beds in their rooms and half of the towels are families of four or more who […]

Maintain Par Levels by Reducing Linen Losses

It may be the high season, but if your par levels are where they need to be, your luxury hotel bedding and towels aren’t being overworked, overtaxed or overused. Housekeeping operations are running smoothly, and guests are whisked away to rooms that are made up on time every time because you have the linens you […]

Par Level Management: How to Increase Par Levels

We’ll let you in on a secret about how to increase par levels, hotel laundry staff: There is no secret. At least, no secret that you aren’t already aware of. You and your staff likely know what it takes to have effective par level management, you just haven’t put your knowledge into practice – yet. It […]

How to Save the Day with Accurate Linen Par Stock Calculation

We get it: Determining and maintaining an accurate linen par stock calculation sounds time-consuming and, frankly, not all that much fun. But it could be the one thing that saves the day during an emergency or unexpected influx of guests. For both OPL hotels and properties that outsource their laundry, knowing how much luxury hotel […]

How Good Par Level Management Can Save Hotels Money

For hotels, resorts and timeshares whose par level management plan is to just skate by, the reason they cite is cost. Good hotel linen is expensive, and doing more with less seems to make financial sense. What this line of thinking doesn’t take into account is the full cost of not having enough pars. Just […]

5 Cliches About Hospitality Training You Should Avoid

Hospitality training programs have come a long way over the years, and the industry is getting more adept at responding to changing trends and patterns among hotel guests with fresh approaches to training. While there are some tried-and-true hospitality training tenets that have remained true over time, there are also some old habits that are […]