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Are You Making One of These OPL Hotel Mistakes?

OPL hotels, or hotels with on-property laundry, are protective of their operations because they’re handling their luxury hotel sheets and towels as efficiently as possible. Even without exploring the benefits of outsourcing, they’re confident they’ve got everything covered. But do they? More properties are shutting down their OPLs to save time, money and resources, so […]

Hotel Laundry Hacks: How to Extend Linen Life

That new shipment of luxury hotel bedding and fluffy towels you got could be with you for just a few washing cycles or until a ripe old age, and much of their lifespan depends on your hotel laundry practices. While some loss is inevitable – it’s towel souvenir season, after all – there are things you […]

Troubleshooting Hotel Linen Loss & Damage

All good things must come to an end – including hotel linen – but what happens when your luxury hotel bedding, towels and pool towels leave too soon? Some loss is inevitable and expected, but if your property is plagued by premature loss or damage, figuring out the cause can be a mystery. Before you call […]

How to Increase Par Levels Hotel Laundry Tips

This discussion of how to increase par levels hotel laundry tips may be too late to help you for Spring Break, but we hope it jumpstarts your preparations for the summer high season. Memorial Day and the Fourth of July will mean not only more occupied rooms but more guests per room as families and […]

Tips for Calculating Laundry Budget Hotel Costs

Calculating laundry budget hotel costs can be tricky business. If you aren’t already separating out all laundry-related expenses in your budgeting, there’s a good chance you’re underestimating the true cost and throwing off your forecasting. For OPL hotels, or properties with on property laundry, there are direct, indirect or “hidden” costs to consider that add […]

Top 3 Ways to Protect Luxury Hotel Bedding

As they tell you all the time, guests are in love with your luxury hotel bedding. It’s soft, it’s pampering, its sumptuousness is exactly the right fit for your property’s overall brand identity. But if you don’t take the best care of your sheets and other linens, the honeymoon could be over faster than you […]

Save Money & Resources with Advanced Commercial Laundry Detergent

When you think high-tech in hospitality, commercial laundry detergent probably isn’t the first thing that comes to mind, but it’s come a long way in recent years. Special formulations are helping cleaning chemicals catch up to the eco-friendly innovations in laundry for hotels, saving water, energy and – perhaps most importantly – money. For OPL hotels, […]

Maintaining Optimal Par Levels for Hotel Linen Inventory

Ask anyone who works for or with a hotel laundry service what’s the most important thing a property can do to make life easier for everyone, and the answer is swift: Maintain good par levels. Having the right amount of linens on hand is essential for avoiding shortages and for protecting your investment in luxury […]

Why Your Par Level for Hotel Bed Sheets Matters

It may sound melodramatic, but it’s true: If you don’t have the recommended par level for hotel bed sheets, you’re one unexpected event away from disaster. Power outages, storms that unexpectedly strand visitors in town for extra time, high-season groups that pack their rooms with people are all situations that make it worthwhile not to […]

Purchasing and Storage Tips for Hotel Cleaning Supplies

Hotel cleaning supplies are the perfect example of an element of your overall guest services operation that you don’t give much thought to – until something goes wrong.  When things are going well, you have the luxury of not thinking twice about your laundry program chemicals, and it isn’t until sheets and towels aren’t as […]