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3 Reasons Your Linen Partner Should Offer Tunnel Washer Technology

Outsourcing to a linen partner can result in great efficiencies that can keep you focused on your core deliverables. The key to success is to pick a laundry partner that can provide expertise, performance, service, and of course, quality equipment. And one of the most important things to look for when it comes to equipment […]

Best Practices for Hotel Laundry Emergency Preparedness

During major emergencies, communities rely on the hospitality industry for housing and shelter, and the industry, in turn, relies on hotel laundry operations. Hotels operating an on-property laundry, or OPL, may not fully appreciate the importance of their laundry capabilities until it’s too late and they’re left unable to effectively accommodate guests, evacuees, emergency workers […]

Hurricane Irma and Why It’s So Important to Have Laundry Backup

With its 17 named storms and 10 hurricanes – including Hurricane Irma – the 2017 season isn’t one we’ll soon forget. We all learned a lot last year about our resilience and willingness to help each other, and one of the other key takeaways for hotels we’d like to address is the importance of having laundry […]

The Best Laundry Budget Hotel Hack to Save Money & Delight Guests

The goals of the best laundry budget hotel hack are clear: to lower costs and increase customer satisfaction. The key is simple: a professional laundry partner that cares as much about guest experience as you do. Partnering with the right large-scale professional laundry service can cost your property less money than your on-property laundry (OPL) […]

Must-Have Features for Green Commercial Laundry Equipment

Maybe we’ve been watching too many movies, but from our perspective, green commercial laundry equipment is the hospitality industry’s biggest eco-friendly superhero. The right equipment saves water, energy, waste, resources and tens of thousands of dollars per year per property the world over. And even small adjustments in functionality and programming can make a big […]

How to Reduce Hotel Laundry Costs with Outsourcing

By the time you finish reading this, we know you’ll be as convinced as we are that outsourcing is how to reduce hotel laundry costs, as well as save time, energy and valuable resources. Large-scale professional laundry services build their businesses on their ability to do more for less – time, money and energy – and they […]

Using a Hotel Laundry Equipment List to Calculate OPL Costs

Ever wondered exactly how much your on property laundry operation is costing? It’s a good number to have on hand, and making a thorough hotel laundry equipment list is part of the process. For OPL hotels, the list can help in managing laundry for hotels and in helping decide whether to switch to an outsourcing […]

Training Topics to Protect Your Luxury Hotel Bedding

Your luxury hotel bedding is one of your property’s signature amenities. Guests rave about how soft the sheets are, how well they sleep and how pampered they feel. They’re so impressed, they shop your linens in the gift shop to replicate your Hotel Bed experience at home.  The proper care of such an important – and […]

Are You Doing Enough to Protect Your Hotel Linen?

Thanks to the now iconic nature of the Hotel Bed, your guests have high expectations for your hotel linens. Your sheets not only have to deliver a good night’s sleep, they, along with your towels, need to reflect your property’s overall luxury brand identity. Investing in the best linens is the first step, and taking […]