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Stain-fighting Secrets from Commercial Laundry Service Pros

Commercial laundry service professionals take a lot of pride in our work because we know that our business isn’t just about clean linens, it’s about guest satisfaction. Like any business, we have trade secrets for what we do, including keeping hotel linens bright, white and stain-free. From stain prevention methods to proper staff training, there […]

How to Refresh Your Hospitality Training Manual

By the time new hires have your hospitality training manual in their hands, they’ve already developed a few first impressions about what working for you will be like – ideally, good ones – and you want the manual to reinforce that you’re an excellent place to spend their careers.  If your training manual is dated, […]

Best Practices for Setting Par Levels for Linens

Setting the right par levels for linens at your property is the kind of crucial housekeeping calculation that can spell the difference between fully functioning order and absolute chaos. Not having the right amount of linens available when you need them can set off a domino effect of overworked staff, overtaxed sheets and towels, and […]

Top 10 Best Practices for the Care of Hotel Sheets

The proper care of your property’s hotel sheets isn’t just about the linens themselves, it’s about meeting and exceeding guests’ expectations about the now-iconic Hotel Bed experience. Guests want hotel sheets to transport them away from the everyday and up to a good night’s sleep. Investing in the best bedding possible is a solid start, […]

12 Reasons You Should Invest in Your Hotel Linen Supply

 Your hotel linen supply can mean the difference between an exceptional guest experience and a forgettable one. While hospitality experts agree that the “Bed Wars” of the early 2000s are over, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t continue to invest wisely in your hotel linens. From overall guest satisfaction to maintaining your property’s par level, here […]

What to Look for in Commercial Laundry Detergent

  To achieve the flawless linens your guests expect, every piece of your commercial laundry service needs to play its part, including your commercial laundry detergent. You need a detergent that’s hard-working enough to meet your property’s diverse demands but gentle enough to protect your linens – and the environment.

The Biggest Problem with Commercial Laundry Machines, and How You Can Fix It

The biggest problem with commercial laundry machines isn’t washers that won’t drain or even dryers that seem to constantly shift from over drying to under drying your property’s towels and linens. With those issues, unclogging drains or replacing parts can provide a quick fix. No, the biggest problem with commercial laundry is the one that’s […]

Top 5 Tips to Streamline Your Hospitality Facilities Management

On a good day, guests don’t even think about your hospitality facilities management operation because they’re too busy being wowed by the beauty of your property, the efficiency of your staff and the speed of your Wi-Fi to think about everything going on behind the scenes.

How to Maintain Your Luxury Hotel Bedding

Awe-inspiring guest rooms are at the heart of your property’s success, and your unforgettable beds – along with the accompanying luxury hotel bedding – are the stars of the guest room show. Investing in the best bedding is the first step, and maintaining it is a close, and perhaps more important, second.