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How to Reduce Hotel Laundry Costs

Some of the best ideas for how to reduce hotel laundry costs at your property are likely hidden in plain sight and can be put in place as early as today. While some ideas involve big changes such as investing in new equipment or shutting down your OPL altogether, others are smaller and easier to […]

What Does A Hotel Laundry Service Do?

If you’re considering shutting down your on property laundry and outsourcing to a commercial laundry service to save money, you may be skeptical about what an outside vendor can do and whether they’ll be able to match the high standards you set for your property. Are their machines equipped to leave your high-quality sheets and […]

How A Commercial Laundry Service for Hotels and Resorts Can Save Money

If you hear the words commercial laundry service and immediately think, “No way, we can’t afford that!,” this message is for you. We’re here to challenge whatever assumptions you have about what a hotel laundry service cost vs. the cost of your on property laundry operation. Because we know that shutting down the in-house laundry […]

What to Do with Your Laundry Staff When You Convert to Hospitality Linen Services

Shutting down on property laundry operations and converting to hospitality linen services can be one of the most liberating moves you can make, saving you money, space and even precious natural resources. But what about your laundry staff? Shifting to a commercial laundry service doesn’t have to spell doom for your valued employees. Here are […]

How to Convert to a Hotel Laundry Service

Converting to a hotel laundry service and shutting down your on property laundry can be one of the smartest decisions you make, and it can feel like one of the most complex. There are logistics to consider, staff training to cover and a new vendor relationship to initiate. It can feel overwhelming, but you and […]

Best Practices for Protecting Your Hotel Linen Inventory

Successfully protecting your hotel linen inventory doesn’t require armed guards or bank vault-level security systems, though you may be tempted. Experts estimate that hotels can lose 15 to 20 percent of their precious linen inventory every year to premature loss or discards. It doesn’t take long for those losses to add up, meaning literally millions […]

How Much Do You Know about Your Hotel Cleaning Staff’s Routine?

You have a solid hospitality training program, a hospitality training manual you’re certain that staff wants to read and, best of all, a hotel cleaning routine that ensures spotlessness.  Or does it? You may have the perfect procedures in place, and it’s worth the time to make sure those procedures are being followed by every […]

Questions to Ask the Hotel Sheets Supplier Before You Buy

Buying or upgrading your supply of hotel sheets doesn’t have to be a headache: If you’re equipped with the right questions to ask, you’ll be able to make an informed decision about products that delight your guests and make you a superhero of restful sleep.  It’s an important enough decision that it’s worth researching, even […]

Hotel Housekeeping Tips for Working With A Laundry Service

If you’ve made the savvy decision to outsource your laundry to an eco-friendly linen service, there are some hotel housekeeping tips to make the most of your partnership that you may not have considered. In addition to the financial savings, one of the key benefits to laundry outsourcing is that you get to hand off […]

How to Build a Hospitality Training Manual Your Staff Wants to Read

Just the words hospitality training manual may be enough to make even the most engaged hotel staffer’s eyes begin to droop. But it doesn’t have to be this way: Hospitality training can be both engaging and educational, and a well-written manual is the secret weapon. A strong training manual will provide not only the information […]