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Hotel Housekeeping Tips to Lengthen the Life of Your Linens

Your luxury bedding and spa-worthy towels are so important that we’ve developed a set of hotel housekeeping tips just to keep them with guests – and out of the rag pile – longer. Other than factors such as outstanding customer service, guest satisfaction in hotels is tied to the quality of the night’s sleep and the […]

Making Linen Laundry a Seamless Part of Hotel Operations

As anyone in charge of hotel operations knows, the heart of your property’s success is what happens behind the scenes, such as your linen laundry systems. If all goes well in OPL hotels, or hotels with on property laundry, guests will never give a second thought to the people and processes that make your luxurious […]

Increase Your Cash Flow with New Hotel Revenue Streams

It wasn’t long ago that the ideas for new hotel revenue streams didn’t extend past tiered guest rooms, food and beverage. As the industry has changed, consumer demand has shifted and competition has increased, more properties are getting creative in finding ways to generate income. Here are a few ideas for how to increase your […]

How Converting to a Commercial Laundry Service Saves Time and Money

You and your housekeeping staff take pride in your on property laundry, and it’s hard to imagine that a commercial laundry service could do it better – or cheaper. But it’s true for hotels, resorts and timeshares that have already made the switch: the professionals can do more for less. Less money, less energy and less […]

Training Tips for Transitioning to a Hotel Linen Laundry Service

Working with a large-scale hotel linen laundry service is a partnership, and for both sides, your success is tied to housekeeping training.  It’s your job to prepare staff with a customer-focused hospitality training manual and hotel housekeeping checklist, and it’s on your laundry provider to keep your team prepared for the ins and outs of […]

Actual Items Recovered While Sorting Laundry for Hotels

For a large-scale commercial laundry service, one of the first steps in handling laundry for hotels is sorting. Trained staff sort each property’s linens by hand, not only separating items by type but also ensuring that non-linen items don’t make it into the high-tech hotel laundry equipment. What kind of non-linen items? You might be […]

An Insider’s Look at High-Tech Hotel Laundry Equipment

For a commercial laundry service that specializes in hospitality, hotel laundry equipment isn’t just an important investment, it’s the brains of the operation. High-tech equipment must meet the demands of large hotel laundry service clients, thoroughly clean luxury hotel sheets and towels and do it all using fewer natural and human resources.

Before Buying Commercial Laundry Equipment for Hotels, Consider 3 Things

Like most large machines, commercial laundry equipment for hotels has a way of letting you know when it’s time to say goodbye. Damage to hotel linen, frequent repairs or an inability to keep up with demand are just some of the ways your laundry machines for hotels will tell you that their lifecycle is ending. […]

Reclaim the Money Hiding in Linen and Laundry Service in Hotels

OK, there isn’t literally money hiding in linen and laundry service in hotels, but the potential is certainly there.  If you haven’t yet partnered with an eco-friendly commercial laundry service and still process your own laundry onsite, you’re missing the opportunity to add that valuable square footage to hotel revenue streams. You’re also missing out […]

Commercial Laundry Equipment Tips for OPL Hotels

For hotels with on property laundry operations, or OPL hotels, having the right commercial laundry equipment isn’t just about choosing effective appliances, it’s about ensuring guest satisfaction.  Your guests are relying on you for a good night’s sleep, the perfect pampering bathrobe and crisp table linens for their events. You, in turn, are relying on […]