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5 Qualities to Look for in a Hotel Laundry Service

Operating an on-property laundry service can call for a lot of resources, both environmental and financial. According to experts at Lodging Magazine, a 400-room hotel operating at 65% occupancy can average over a million pounds of laundry per year.

Benefits of Outsourcing Hotel Laundry & Overcoming Objections

For many in the hospitality industry, the benefits of outsourcing hotel laundry are clear – substantial savings in money, time and resources – but not everyone is convinced. And they make their objections known. Complaints and concerns about cost, linen damage and property mix-ups are the most common, as well as some creative what-ifs we won’t even […]

Commercial Laundry Service Spotlight: Room-Ready Bundles

One of the benefits of being the commercial laundry service of choice for so many high-end properties is the chance to tailor offerings based on what they need. We understand that our hospitality clients are constantly looking for ways to increase efficiency, enhance productivity and decrease costs, all in the name of guest satisfaction. As […]

Stain Removal Hacks for Laundry for Hotels

Ask anyone in the business of laundry for hotels what keeps them up at night, and one thing will make it on to everyone’s list: Stains. And, more importantly, stain removal. No matter how much you’ve invested in your luxury hotel bedding, towels and robes, pool towels and table linens, they’re often no match for […]

How to Reduce Hotel Laundry Costs by Shutting Down Your OPL

We know, we probably struck a nerve: You’re all for how to reduce laundry costs for your hotel, but shutting down your on-property laundry (OPL)? Forget about it. You’re probably convinced that no one can handle your luxury hotel bedding, towels and linens as well as you can or at a lower cost. Well, get […]

Communications Must-Haves for Hospitality Facilities Management

There’s a problem at the pool, the family in 712 can’t figure out what their kids did to the air conditioner and the refrigerator in the banquet hall is definitely not running: All in a day’s work for your hardworking hospitality facilities management team. To keep them connected and ever-ready to respond to the next […]

What OPL Hotels Can Do Today to Save Money

Many OPL hotels, or hotels with on property laundry, already think that they’re operating as efficiently as possible and that when it comes to laundry, there isn’t much to to do cut costs. But that assumes that they have a good idea of the total laundry budget hotel costs vs. the cost of a commercial laundry […]

Note to OPL Hotels: Are You Doing Enough to Reclaim Stained Linens?

For OPL hotels, or hotels with on property laundry, the power of a good stained linen reclaim program can’t be exaggerated. Having a trusted system in place for identifying, segregating and specially treating stained linen saves it from an early trip to the rag pile and maximizes the investment you’ve made in your luxury hotel […]

Outsourcing Pros and Cons for OPL Hotels

For leaders at OPL hotels, or hotels with on property laundry, shutting down your laundry operation and transitioning to outsourcing can be a scary proposition – and we’re not just saying that because it’s almost Halloween. There are cost considerations, issues of control and vendor selection to weigh, as well as the gamble of impacting guest […]

Best Practices in Managing Laundry for Hotels

Thanks to technology, changing customer expectations and shifts in the hospitality industry in general, the world of laundry for hotels is more complex than ever. OPL hotels, or hotels with on property laundry, have to balance that complexity with the need to keep costs low and satisfaction high. You’ve set high standards for your property, […]