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Par Level Management Series: Laundry Inventory Best Practices

Par level management gets its own series not because we’re obsessed with having enough pars – OK, yes, we are – but because we know how important it is to smooth sailing for properties big and small. The core of strong par level management is good inventory practices, and we’ve found that you can’t have one without […]

How to Sell the Benefits of Outsourcing Hotel Laundry to Your Boss

You’re already sold on the benefits of outsourcing hotel laundry: savings in cost, resources, time and floor space, not to mention the relief of taking one more thing off of your plate and handing it over to professionals. Your boss? Not so much. They keep countering with the benefits of OPL hotels, the complexity of […]

Steps to Strengthen Your Training in Housekeeping

Your training in housekeeping is already good: The staff you’ve carefully chosen feel well prepared, your turnover is blissfully low and guests are impressed with your property’s service.  Still, there’s always room for improvement, even when it comes to your housekeeping training, and there are opportunities to elevate the experience for staff, and by extension, […]

What Was Damaging the Hotel Linen Supply? You May Be Surprised

It was the property’s biggest whodunit: What in the world was damaging their hotel linen supply? Their luxury hotel bedding was going prematurely gray and even robust par level management couldn’t keep up with the flow of towels to the rag pile. So what was damaging the hotel linen supply? You may be surprised.

Build Par Level Management into Your Hospitality Training Program

Given the size of your hotel, resort or timeshare property, good par level management isn’t just one person’s job or responsibility, it will take the entire housekeeping team’s attention. The best way to ensure that everyone understands what’s expected of them when it comes to pars is to make it a priority of your housekeeping […]

Save Time with a Stellar Hotel Housekeeping Checklist

During the high season and other busy parts of the year, it can feel as if time isn’t on your side, but tools like a stellar hotel housekeeping checklist can help your property turn the tide. A comprehensive checklist streamlines the room cleaning process for your housekeeping staff, takes the guesswork out of how to […]

25 Inspirational Quotes About Hospitality Training from Legendary Hoteliers

Forget the hospitality training template, the hotel housekeeping checklist and even the standard operating procedure guide, sometimes what you need to develop effective training for staff is a little inspiration.  The world’s most legendary hoteliers have gotten where they are by understanding the important role that their staff play in the customer experience. Satisfied, well-cared-for […]

How to Build a Hotel Housekeeping Checklist

To build a successful hotel housekeeping checklist, begin with the end in mind: Satisfied smiles on the faces of guests who have exceptional stays at your property because your staff is outstanding, your amenities incomparable and the guest rooms gleaming. Just the checklist won’t get you there, of course, but it’s a critically important step […]

Responsible for a Hospitality Training Budget? 5 Top Notch Ways to Spend Your Money

Your hospitality training budget is a great place to show off your ability to get big results with small but savvy investments. As you’re well aware, providing exceptional customer service is the best way to set your property apart from the competition, and having a well-trained team is the best way to ensure cut-above customer service. […]

7 Little Changes That’ll Make a Difference With Your Hotel Marketing

Your hotel marketing should be consistent enough to support strong brand identity but flexible enough to accommodate fresh ideas and changes in the rapidly evolving hospitality industry. When it comes to attracting new guests or encouraging loyalty in the ones you’ve got, small steps can take you a long way.