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Inspiring Hospitality Quotes from the Industry’s Best

We can all use some inspiration every now and then, and hospitality quotes from the industry’s best can be the perfect way to start the day, turn around a bad one or motivate your team. No one knows more about customer service, guest satisfaction and the important role that hotels play in the world than […]

How to Get the Most from Your Customer Satisfaction Questionnaire for Hotel

The customer satisfaction questionnaire for hotel is now a hospitality standard, and most properties even have the process automated so that guests receive a survey prompt via email within several days of their stay. The upside is having a built-in way to gather guest feedback. The downside is that guests are so used to receiving […]

Send Your Hotel Customer Service Training to the Laundry

For years in the industry it made sense to only provide hotel customer service training to customer-facing staff. But competition both within the traditional hospitality industry and from new-on-the-scene disruptors has made guest satisfaction in hotels a crucial differentiator for properties big and small.

Three Laundry Tips to Improve Guest Satisfaction in Hotels

Wait, laundry tips to improve guest satisfaction in hotels? Are you claiming that hospitality properties can make their guests happier with…laundry? Yes, yes, we are. Guests have come to you for an exceptional experience, and that includes a good night’s sleep and the sense of being pampered by your luxury hotel linens. One off note […]

Make Customer Service the Star of Your Hospitality Training Manual

Like any good read, a strong hospitality training manual will tell a story, weaving a tale that takes your staff from the beginning of their careers with you to joyful endings for your guests. Your manual is not only a housekeeping training tool to prepare employees for the tactical parts of their jobs, it’s a […]

How Better Housekeeping Training Can Lead to Better Guest Satisfaction

It isn’t visible to the naked eye, but it does exist: The straight line between the strength of your housekeeping training and guest satisfaction. Housekeeping staff may not interact directly with guests much, but the work they do can mean the difference between creating a loyal guest for life or a dissatisfied reviewer who gives […]

Boost Your Hotel Customer Service Training With Real Reviews

Good hotel customer service training provides employees with the how of creating exceptional guest experiences, but great training goes a step farther to provide the why. It’s one thing to train housekeeping staff on how to successfully turn a room and another to provide the real-world consequences from a guest who’s dissatisfied with the cleanliness […]

What to Look for in Luxury Hotel Bedding

When it comes to selecting the right luxury hotel bedding for your property, it’s easy to get swept up in the latest textile trends, from high thread count sheets to Egyptian cotton that’s been dipped in the River Nile (just kidding about that last one). But keep in mind that the trends may be untested. […]

Laundry Service Guide to Selecting, Saving and Replacing Hotel Sheets

Hotel sheets, as any hotelier knows, aren’t just textiles, they serve as a physical representation of what your property stands for.Luxurious, well-maintained and amply supplied sheets speak volumes to staff and guests about your high standards.  Given how important sheets and other linens are for hotels, resorts, spas and timeshare properties, it’s essential to understand […]