Boost Your Hotel Customer Service Training With Real Reviews

hotel-customer-service-training-for-great-hotel-reviews.jpgGood hotel customer service training provides employees with the how of creating exceptional guest experiences, but great training goes a step farther to provide the why.

It’s one thing to train housekeeping staff on how to successfully turn a room and another to provide the real-world consequences from a guest who’s dissatisfied with the cleanliness of their room and says so – loudly – in an online review.  

Sometimes words speak louder than actions, so try bringing your guest experience approach to life by boosting your hotel customer service training with real reviews.

Pull Quotes from Guest Surveys

Every guest who provides their email address to your property should receive a survey shortly after their stay asking about how things went.

The survey is the perfect opportunity for you to gather quotable feedback you can share with staff during your hospitality training or to include in your hospitality training manual.

Make sure to give an example of different kinds of feedback, from positive, negative and everything in between.

Gather Snippets from Online Reviews

Whoever checks your property’s listing on popular travel sites to respond to guest feedback should also be in charge of gathering insights you can use in training.

Doing so lets you turn negative comments into hotel housekeeping tips and turn positive notes into praise about what your property is known for doing well.

Socialize Your Social Media Mentions

There have never been more ways for guests to share details about their experiences as they happen in real time, from Instagram photos of their food to angry tweets about receiving the wrong meal.

Your social media mentions, comments and direct messages are another place to fish for compliments or dive into disappointments.

Time to Get Real

Using real reviews in your hotel customer service training takes the importance of the guest experience from abstract to concrete. Staff will see – in guests’ own words – what it’s like to stay with you and why what they do every day is so important.